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How to Factory Reset Panasonic Tv


Have you ever changed the default settings of a smart Tv? Well, a Smart Tv setting can be easily modified. In addition, there is a lot of freedom on experimenting with the settings. Most of the users are intimidated when it comes to change the Smart Tv settings. If somehow you change the setting and encounter an error then you can easily get set back to default. The process is called Factory resetting. So, how to factory reset Panasonic Tv?

When there is an error on Panasonic Smart Tv, the error persists after factory resetting. There are so many problems and errors that are easily resolved after performing a factory reset. Typically, factory reset deletes everything and brings Smart Tv back to default settings. The main purpose of factory resetting Panasonic Smart tv is to fix the problem. However, if you want to sell or buy the smart tv. You can erase your smart tv’s user data before selling it. You can factory reset the Panasonic tv when you are giving it away to others.

Today in this guide, I’m going to instruct you how to factory reset Panasonic Smart Tv. Therefore, errors like the internet not connecting, data corrupted, other problems may be minimized. After doing a factory reset on your Panasonic Smart Tv. Factory reset removes everything on your Smart Tv. Make sure to backup your data to restore it while set up.

How to Factory Reset Panasonic Smart Tv

factory reset tv

The user’s data such as users’ profiles, installed app, linked accounts, and devices, etc. are deleted permanently. However, you can still keep the backup of your data on the cloud. You have to sync the Panasonic account on your tv. Therefore, the user data and settings get stored on the Panasonic smart tv.

Similarly, you can store saved or recorded videos on external storage devices. Insert a USB drive or additional hard drive to back up the data. When your user profile, linked apps, and services, etc, settings are secured. You can perform a factory reset. Before, factory resetting your Panasonic smart tv. Here are some of the core reasons why repairing the settings is important:

  1. Debugging the issues: The process of fixing and resolving the errors and bugs is known as debugging. Most of the time, errors are originated from incompatible settings. The tv gets back to the default setting and the error persisted.
  2. Improve performance: When there are a lot of apps installed on the smart tv. The number of running services increases that affect the performance of the ram. Factory reset improves performance by decreasing unnecessary services.
  3. Paired issue resolve: When your Tv is not pairing with the remote or sound device. It happens when the information is incompatible. Factory reset solves pairing issues.
  4. Free up Storage: The old cached data stores on the smart tv’s ROM. The old cache data consists of previous versions of the firmware file. It consumes more than 1GB which is bit much.

Steps for Factory Resetting Panasonic Smart Tv

Let’s start the factory reset on Panasonic Smart Tv. The process removes all customized settings, channels, and many more. Ensure you have backup the settings before performing a factory reset. Afterward, follow the underlying instructions to factory reset Panasonic Smart Tv:

1. Press the “Menu” button on the Panasonic Tv remote.
2. Select Set up and then press Ok to enter. (Use the “Arrow down” key for scroll down and “Arrow up” key for scroll up.)

panasonic tv factory reset code

3. Select System and then enter by pressing the OK button.

factory default

4. Choose Factory Default and then Ok.

Panasonic tv factory default

5. Confirm factory resetting by selecting Yes on the popup menu.
6. Follow on-screen instructions to continue the resetting process.

Important: The Panasonic tv may frequently restart during the factory reset process. However, do not turn off the Panasonic Tv or unplug it during the process.

Once the process gets finished, tv will restart again. After that, the Tv set up menu appears on the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the setup. However, you can restore the backup data once your account gets synced. If your tv has an issue with the Tv settings and app, we recommend not to restore the backup. There could be errors in the app settings. So, setting up the new session can help to fix the problem.

Final Thoughts

Factory reset Panasonic tv helps to resolve the errors which are occurred due to the bug, glitch, or maybe the hardware failure. When the problems are not persisting after applying the troubleshooting method. Factory resetting becomes the last choice that solves the problem which is complicated to fix. Moreover, your smart tv performance increases after factory resetting.

Most of the significant users have reported, factory resetting on Panasonic tv helped to resolve the black screen issue. Moreover, the tv changes to the best resolution which is recommended by the default from the settings. The network connection is optimized after resetting by deleting network logs, saved the network. Overall all your smart tv will be like recently purchased.

FAQ on Factory Reset Panasonic Tv

1. Do Panasonic tvs have a reset button?

Ans: Yes to do that, press and hold the on/off button and the red button for at least 30 seconds. This process will reset your Panasonic smart tv.

2. How do I troubleshoot my Panasonic TV?

Ans: The best and working method to troubleshoot Panasonic tv is to factory reset.

3. What happens if I reset my TV to factory settings?

Ans: Factory resetting deletes everything customized settings, users profile, and linked account/services permanently from your Smart Tv. Afterward, your smart tv set back to the factory default.

4. How do I reset my PIN on my Panasonic TV?

Ans: Follow the instructions to reset the PIN on Panasonic smart tv:
i. Press and hold the REC and PLAY buttons on the remote controller for more than 5 seconds.
ii. Once the INIT showed up, the parental pin is reset to default “0000”.

5. Why is my TV not finding any channels?

Ans: Panasonic smart tv not finding any channels issue is caused due to the channel source corrupted. You have to reset your smart tv in order to solve the issue.

Samsung Tv Remote Not Working Fixed


Remote is a device that helps to navigate tv menus, change channels, control volume level, etc on a Smart Tv. Sometimes televisions remotes stop working. In addition, when you press the remote keys, tv didn’t respond. It may be caused due to broken remote. However, here are some of the working instructions to fix the Samsung Tv remote not working.

There are various reasons why the Samsung Tv remote is not working. For instance, the most are dead batteries issue, physical damage, paring issues. In most cases, the infrared sensor issue is preventing the remote from functioning. Samsung Smart Tv remote not working issue can be easily fixed despite there is no controlling option.

Samsung Tv Remote Not Working Fixed

Samsung tv remote not working fixed

When your Smart Tv remote stops working, you cannot access most of the features on the tv. The navigation feature is completely useless without the remote. If you cannot control the tv, there is still some hope to resolve the remote. However, you can use fix remote after figuring the actual cause for the remote’s malfunctioning. If your tv is not working then there may be a battery issue or paring issue. Else remote is physically broken.

Sometimes Tv changes sources or alters volume level by itself then you should remove the batteries from the remote. In addition, to fix remote from malfunction. This kind of error is generally caused by bugs or dust on the remote. Therefore, here are some of the working methods to fix the Samsung Tv remote not working issue.

Method 1: Quick Solution

If your tv is changing channels or volume by itself, it means there is dust on the tv remote. In addition, you should clean the dust area on the remote with a soft cotton cloth. This problem also occurs when there is a generic bug or tv is glitched. Here are the step-by-step instructions to fix the remote:

  1. Remove the batteries from Tv remote.
  2. Unplug the TV.
  3. Clean the touch controls with a microfiber cloth to wipe the dust particles from the remote.
  4. Plug the Tv into the wall outlet and then turn on the Tv.
  5. Insert the batteries into the remote.
  6. Check if the remote issue is gone away.

We recommend replacing the batteries with the new ones. However, changing the battery to test the remote’s functionality. If the tv’s control is changed again, the remote has a problem.

Method 2: Clean the IR sensor/remote

IR sensors on the Tv remote help to send the signals to the tv when users give input. However, dust on the surface of the IR sensor blocks the signals from reaching to tv. In that case, clean the IR sensor with a microfiber cloth. Wipe all the parts of the IR sensor connected to the tv board. After that, turn on your Tv and then start using the remote. Now, your Tv should have been receiving the signals.

Method 3: Replace Batteries from Remote

Samsung Tv volume not working on remote

Sometimes batteries are dead on the tv remote. It causes the remote not to work on your Samsung smart tv. However, there are no battery level indicators on the remote to check its charge level capacity. Simply, replace the batteries with the new ones on the remote. Insert new paries of batteries on the Tv remote and then check if the remote not working issue persists.

Method 4: Check remote is paired

Most of the time, the remote is not working on the Tv because it has not been paired. When you remove the batteries or turn off your tv, the remote is unpaired by itself. It happens when you perform a hard reset on Samsung Tv. However, to pair your Samsung smart tv with a remote follow these instructions:

1. On the remote, press and hold the Return and Play/Pause button for at least 5 seconds.

remote issue

2. Now, your Samsung smart Tv begins syncing with the smart remote.

Method 5: Reset Remote

It is obvious remote is corrupted and causing the problem. The corrupted remote is unable to control the tv. If the Samsung tv remote not working issue isn’t fixed after applying previous instructions, reset your smart remote. To do that,

1. Remove batteries from the remote.
2. Press power for at least 8 seconds to reset the tv remote.

samsung tv remote not working

3. Now, reinsert batteries in the remote and then pair the remote.
4. Check if the error is gone away.

Method 6: Disable Bluetooth

If you have paired your remote via Bluetooth on Samsung smart tv, turn it off and then turn on the Bluetooth. Ensure there no obstruction between tv and the remote. For instance, electromagnetic devices can create obstruction in infrared.

Method 7: Install Remote App on Smartphone

If none of the above methods worked to fix the remote issue on your Samsung Smart Tv, install a remote app on your smartphone. You can easily get the app on Playstore and an app store respected to your phone’s operating system. However, use that app to navigate, control, the tv. When you are able to control your Samsung Smart tv with a smartphone. You can update Tv’s firmware and also factory reset your Tv.

Method 8: Update Firmware

There may be a problem with the software when your tv is running on outdated firmware. To resolve the issue you have to update your tv with the latest version. To do that,

  1. Navigate to Settings and then All Settings.
  2. Select Support and then System Update.
  3. Choose Network and then update begins.
  4. Once the update finishes, check if the remote is working.


Samsung Smart Tv remote not working issue can be fixed after applying these instructions on your smart tv. In addition, if none of the methods worked in your case, you should buy a universal remote or use your Smartphone as a remote. However, the quick solution can easily resolve all the tv remote errors. If your problem is not fixed contact Samsung support.

FAQ on Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working Fixed

1. Why has my Samsung TV remote stopped working?

Ans: There are various reasons such as physical damage, battery issue, IR sensor issue, and software bug, etc. cause Samsung tv remote not working issue.

2. How to enable On screen remote on Samsung Smart Tv?

Ans: Press MENU/123 button on tv remote to display on screen remote.

Roku Error Code 018 Fixed – Slow Internet Connection Issue


When there is a slow internet connection probably there are many chances of getting errors on the streaming devices. Roku error code 018 occurs when content is unable to load on the screen. It happens due to a slow or unstable internet connection. However, these kinds of errors occur if the Roku device is unable to connect to the WiFi. Sometimes internet speeds are prevented by third-party firewalls, ensure to disable them.

Roku error code 018 is associate with the internet. If your Roku device is connected to the WiFi but the internet is not working. Then you may encounter error message 018 on your Tv. There may be software issues when the internet is not working. If working, maybe your router or modem has the issue. Roku error code 018 issue can be fixed despite many reasons of occurring.

Roku Error Code 018


Sometimes the internet is connected but its speed is very slow. However, you can easily check the internet speed on the web browser. If the Roku device has slower bandwidth, the could be port not connected properly. There may be a wire broken which might have to cause the issue. The incorrect information on the network settings can cause the issue. For instance, incorrect Wi-Fi password, DNS cache. However, Roku error code 018 is easily resolved when you are known to the error. If you found out the actual reason for causing the problem, fix that to persist it.

Method 1: Check Internet Status

The first way of solving the issue is evaluating the status of the internet on Roku devices. However, when internet status shows not working or not connected. You can check on another device about the internet status. For instance, there could be some entities that are preventing the internet from connecting to the Roku device. If the internet is not working on other devices then you should power cycle the devices.

Method 2: Power Cycling Roku and Router

Sometimes, the router or modem is unable to provide an internet connection to the devices. It happens when the device is glitched due to overheating, busy networks. Therefore, you should power cycle both devices in order to get over the issue. Power cycling drains the power from the device that helps to soft reset the devices. Simply, cached data are erased during the process. Here are the instructions to fix error 018 on the Roku device with Power Cycling:

  1. Unplug the Roku and then the router.
  2. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Now, plug in the Roku and router into the power source.
  4. Turn on your smart tv and then check if the error is gone away.

Method 3: Change DNS Setting on Roku

If WiFi is connected on your SmartCast device but the internet is not working. Similarly, if you have used ethernet on the Roku device, but no sign of internet. It means there is a DNS cache issue with the network. You must change the DNS server in order to resolve the Roku error 018 problems. Follow the given guide to change the DNS server on Roku:

1. Turn off your router so the Roku device cannot access the internet.
2. Go to Setting and then System Settings.
3. Select Advanced settings and then Factory reset.

roku tv error code 018

4. Press the Ok button on the remote to confirm reset.
5. Now, go to your router Cpanel and then DNS settings.
6. Set on the Primary DNS address and on the secondary DNS address.

error 018 fixed

7. Set up Roku device.

Now, DNS is altered on the Roku device. The error may have persisted since the Google DNS stables and makes the internet faster. If the internet speed does not change move to another solution.

Method 4: Remove Electromagnetic Objects

When you are encountering a slow or unstable internet connection on Roku Device. It happens due to the electromagnetic object absorbing the wireless signals. The electromagnetic devices such as generator, Loudspeakers, etc. absorbs all the signals. When there is a weak signal, the internet itself becomes slower. The solution to fix that issue is removing electromagnetic objects nearby the router, smart cast box, and smart Tv.

In some cases, the internet stops working when there are electromagnetic objects around the router. To fix the slow internet connection issue, remove those appliances and reduce the distance between the router and the smart cast box.

Method 5: Use Mobile Hotspot

If there are none of the electromagnetic appliances but still your internet connection is slow. It means the capacity of your Internet connection is very poor. However, switching to a fast internet connection via a mobile hotspot can resolve the error 018 from the Roku device. Follow the given instructions to switch from Wifi to Mobile hotspot on Roku device:

roku slow internet issue
Image: Mobile hotspot
  1. Turn on the Mobile Hotspot on your SmartPhone.
  2. Enable the Mobile data.
  3. Now, disconnect from the Wifi on the Roku device.
  4. Connect to the hotspot network by entering Hotspot’s WiFi password.
  5. Check if error 018 is appearing on the smart cast box.

Method 6: Update Roku Box

The internet speed slightly decreased when the Roku box isn’t updated to the latest version. In addition, most of the general problems are originated from outdated firmware. With the help of the Mobile hotspot network, you can update Roku. To do that,

1. On Roku remote, press the “Home” button.
2. Navigate to the Settings and then System.

error 018 roku

3. Select System Update.

018 fixed

4. Select Check Now to begin the update if available.

error code 018 on Roku

Once the update is done, restart your Tv and Roku device. Now, the internet speed is slightly improved on your Roku box. However, slow internet won’t affect but unstable can bring up error 018.

Method 7: Contact ISP

If your internet is slow and unstable, the ISP can fix the problem. The error 018 code means there is a slow internet connection which is not enough to load the online contents. However, the error code 018 is solved when there is a faster internet connection available from the ISP. If ISP has provided the low bandwidth ask them to increase up to at least 10 MBPS.

Final Thoughts

Roku error code 018 is generally encountered on a slower internet connection. In addition, the internet not working or WiFi not connecting can alter the issue. You should apply these tips and tricks to improve network speed. When you have a faster internet connection, entities like electromagnetic objects, DNS cache, and busy networks may decrease internet speed.

FAQ on Roku Error 018

1. What is error code 018 on Roku?

Ans: Roku error 018 means there is insufficient bandwidth to send or receive the streaming contents from Roku Server.

2. How to fix slow internet connection when none of the method works?

Ans: If you have faster internet connection and there is no any thing broken on the devices. But still you are facing the slow internet speed. You solve the issue contact the ISP, if that doesn’t help then contact the Roku Support. They will ceratinly help to get away from the issue.

3. How do I fix poor download speed on Roku?

Ans: This you should consider in order to solve the poor download speed on Roku are:
a) Location of the router and Roku should be 15 meters.
b) Update Tv firmware.
c) Do not share wifi with more devices.

Roku Error Code 016 Fixed – Can’t Connect to the Internet


When you are watching tv but you try to change the channel Tv shows error. It happens because of a bad network or an issue with the internet. Roku error code 016 occurs when you try to launch the channel. If there is no internet connection on your Roku device or connection issue. Then error message appears “can’t connect to the Internet Error Code 016“.

Roku error code 016 indicates a bad network connection or network connectivity issue on the device. For instance, when there no internet connection, the Roku device cannot connect to the streaming server. Therefore, an error message pop-ups when contents are not loaded on the Roku Channel. You can easily troubleshoot internet connection issues on your Roku device. In addition, the error won’t persist on your device again.

Roku Error Code 016

roku error code 016 fixed

There are various original reasons for error 016 on the Roku streaming devices. For instance, there may be an issue with your internet connection, or could be the Roku device is causing the problem itself. Sometimes the issue is caused due to channel’s inability to support the Roku device. There may be a chance of a DNS cache causing the internet failure on your device. Despite Roku cannot establish an internet connection for streaming online content. However, you can easily fix Roku error code 016 by applying these solution measures.

Troubleshoot for Roku Error Code 016

Before, you apply the solutions to solve Roku error code 016. Ensure the internet is working on other devices. For instance, open the web browser on another device and then search for Fast.com. Now, your internet speed test begins. However, if the internet works fine then there could be a problem with the Roku. Otherwise, you have to troubleshoot your internet connection to get rid of error 016.

Method 1: Power Cycle your Device

If your Roku device is unable to connect to the internet, the first solution is to restart the device. In addition, we are going to perform a complete power cycle on both the router and Roku devices. So the entity which is preventing the internet from being connecting to the device is getting bypassed. Follow the underlying instructions step-by-step to fix the issue:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote.
  2. Navigate to Setting and then System.
  3. Select the Power option and then Power off.
  4. Now, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. (Same for router and modem).
  5. Wait for 10-15 minutes.
  6. Replug the power cord and then turn on the device.
  7. Check if the error is gone away.

Method 2: Enable Network Pings

When your Roku device is unable to connect to the WiFi properly, set up enable network ping from the settings. Enabling the network ping improves the connection and stables it. In addition, network reachability is increased after enabling network ping. There won’t be delay or buffering while streaming on a Roku device. Enable Network ping to fix error 016 by following the given instructions:

1. On the Home screen, press the Home button 5 times from the remote.
2. Again, Press the button Fast forward>>Play>>Rewind>>Play>>Fast forward then the pop-up screen appears.
3. Select System Operation Menu.

error code 016 roku

4. Select Enable network ping from the menu.

go roku com connectivity error code 016

Now, you have enabled the network ping on your device. The internet reachability has slightly improved on the Roku device. Therefore, check if the error 016 persists.

Method 3: Set Up a New Connection

It is possible to have the internet is not accessed due to the problem with the network SSID and the Password. If you have entered a password on another network SSID, WiFi can’t connect. For instance, if you have entered the wrong password on the correct SSID, again WI-Fi doesn’t connect. However, to solve these kinds of the issue on your device, set up a new connection with the correct information. Apply these steps to set up a new connection:

1. On Tv remote, press the “Home” button and then Navigate to “Settings“.
2. Select Network and then Setup new connection.

what does error code 016 mean on roku

3. Choose the Wireless option.

Fix roku error code 016

4. Highlight your Wi-Fi network’s name (SSID) and then enter the password.
5. The connection will establish within 10 to 20 seconds.
6. Now, check if Roku error code 016 is gone away.

Method 4: Contact Support

Unfortunately, if none of the solution methods worked on your Roku device to solve the issue. There is only one hope to solve Roku error code 016. Most of the time Roku service is blocked by some entities which are fixed by Roku developers only. We recommend submitting your problem on the Roku support page. The Roku developer will soon fix the issue. Report the exact issue you are facing on your Roku device. They will soon dispatch with a working solution for your issue.

Final Thoughts

Roku error code 016 is caused due to a bad internet connection. In addition, Roku’s channel is unable to load any online content. This issue prevents streaming movies, tv shows, etc online. To fix and establish an internet connection on a Roku device, you have to restart both devices and then try connecting to the internet. However, If you enable network ping on your Roku streaming device, the error resolves since enabling network ping increase IP reachability to the network.

Most of the Significant users has reported, incorrect WiFi password entered on the device while setting up a connection. Ensure you have entered the correct password into the correct WiFi network. I hope these instructions worked on your case to fix Roku device error 016. For instance, if you are having a problem while troubleshooting. Feel free to share your doubts with us. Similarly, here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Roku error 016.

FAQ on Roku Error Code 016

1. What is error code 016 on Roku device?

Ans: The error code 016 on Roku means there is no internet connection established to load channel contents on the Tv. In addition, this error always occurs while switching the Channels.

2. Why won’t my Roku stay connected to the Internet?

Ans: Roku won’t stay connected to the internet because of low latency (ping). There may be busy networks or bad network configurations. However, use the switch to both wired and wireless and vice versa to fix the issue.

Vizio TV Not Connecting to WiFi Fixed


When your Vizio Tv is unable to connect to the WIFI, you cannot stream online content. In addition, the tv won’t get update whether system or application. Vizio Tv not connecting to WiFi issue is caused due to the incorrect network configuration. This problem prevent you from enjoying online contents on the bigger screen.

Before watching or exploring the internet content, you have to set up smart tv. However, connecting to the wifi is considered the first step while setting up the tv. If you use apps like Netflix, YouTube TV, and Disney plus, it requires an internet connection. To stream online smart tv should have a working internet connection. In addition, when Vizio Tv not connecting to WiFi issue occurs all the apps which requires internet connection won’t work. In order to solve this issue, learn how to fix Vizio Tv not connecting to WiFi.

Vizio TV Not Connecting to WiFi

vizio tv not connecting to wifi

There are various reasons why Vizio smart cast cannot connect to the WiFi. Internet connection may have problems. There may be an issue with WiFi and your smart tv itself. For instance, both the router and tv may also have connection problems. Despite many reasons preventing Vizio smart tv from connecting to the WiFi. There are solutions on how to resolve the issues on your own. Try these instructions to fix Vizio Tv unable to connect to the WiFi.

Method 1: Test your WiFi Connection

First of all, you have to check your internet connection is working or not. To do that you have to perform the speed test of your WiFi connection. Open a web browser and then search for Fast.com. For instance, you can use another device to test the internet speed. If the internet connects to your device, the problem is with your Smart Tv. However, if the internet does not work on other devices then, try resolving the WiFi network.

Method 2: Power Cycle your Device

Power cycling simply turns off your device until the power is drained. In addition, power cycle all the devices which are linked with the Tv i.e Tv and the router. Follow these instructions step-by-step to perform a power cycle:

  1. Turn off your Vizio smart cast tv and unplug it.
  2. Disconnect the router and modem from the power source as well.
  3. Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  4. After that, replug your SmartCast tv to the wall socket.
  5. Same as for the router and the modem.
  6. Turn on the tv and then check error is gone or still exists.

Method 3: Enable DHCP on Your Smart Tv

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol which assigns IP addresses for each device on the network. The IP address is unique for each device in the network. However, sometimes two or more device has the same IP address which prevents internet from working and WiFi from being connecting. Enabling the DHCP on your device prevents such errors from causing. To do that,

  1. On your Tv, remote, press the Home button.
  2. Go to Network and then select Manual Setup.
  3. Select DHCP and then check the enable option.
vizio tv not connecting to wifi Fixed

TIPS: If DHCP is already enabled on your smartcast tv then disable it. After that, re-enable it.

One you enabled the DHCP settings, save the settings and then check if the error is persists.

Method 4: Change Wi-Fi Password

Sometimes, there are a lot of devices are connected to the same network. It makes the network busy and the tv cannot connect to the WIFI. To fix the issue, you have to change the WiFi password from the router. Open your router’s Cpanel and then change the password. After that, enter the Wi-Fi network password to join the connection.

Method 4: Change Router Settings to WPA-PSK [TKIP]

The network configuration on Vizio SmartCast tv works best on WPA-PSK [TKIP] encryption enabled. To reset the gateway setting, you have to consult with your ISP. There are different ISP so changing or resetting the router gateway setting may cause problems. We recommend asking your ISP to change the router encryption type.

Method 5: Switch to Wired Connection

If your Vizio SmartCast tv has an ethernet port on its backside, connect it directly to the router or the modem with an ethernet cable. If your tv gets an internet connection via ethernet cable then TV’s wireless adapter is broken.

Method 6: Factory Resetting Vizio SmartCast Tv

Unfortunately, if none of the methods worked on your Vizio SmartCast tv to connect the WiFi. You may try to factory reset your SmartCast tv. Factory reset means deleting everything permanently and changing your Tv to its factory default setting. Follow the instructions to perform a factory reset on your Vizio SmartCast Tv:

  1. Press the Menu button on your TV’s remote.
  2. Navigate to the System and then select Reset & Admin.
  3. Select Clear memory (Factory default) or Reset Tv to Factory Defaults to reset.
vizio smart tv not connecting to wifi

once the reset is completed, your Tv will turn off itself. After that, it will turn on into the original setup screen. Carefully input your information while setting up. Now, check if the error is gone away.

Final Thoughts

Vizio Tv not connecting to WIFI issue can be fixed by enabling the DHCP setting on your Tv. However, if there is a problem with your WIFI then solve it. Most of the time, a wireless signal is blocked by electromagnetic objects. If it is around the surrounding, remove it. Sometimes SmartCast tv is incompatible with the network encryption setting. You have to consult with the ISP to change the encryption type.

FAQ on Vizio SmartCast Tv not Connecting to WiFi

1. Why won’t my TV connect to my WiFi?

Ans: Tv unable to connect to the WiFi connection because of the issue on the router or the tv itself. Sometimes wireless security encryption is incompatible with the tv.

2. What is WPA-PSK [TKIP]?

Ans: WPA-PSK [TKIP] is a standard form of WPA encryption.

3. What is DHCP?

Ans: DHCP refers to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It provides IP address to the devices which are connected to the network.

4. Does a Vizio TV have a reset button?

Ans: There is no reset button on the Vizio TV remote. However, to reset SmartCast Tv you have to follow the instructions manual.

Samsung TV Error Code 118 Fixed | Apps Not Downloading


The smart Tv app store lets you download and install third-party applications on your television. Sometimes if you try to attempt to download the apps on your smart tv. There is an error that occurred called error code 118. In addition, the Samsung Tv error code 118 happens when the smart hub is unable to establish the connection between the Samsung server. This issue is related to the network problems since there is an internet connection prevented.

When you try to update the app on your smart tv but there is an issue with the smart hub. There is a chance of getting error code 118 on your smart tv. This error usually occurs while downloading an app like YouTube TV, Vudu, Facebook Tv, etc. The major cause of this error is the smart hub’s inability to connect to the Samsung server. Despite there are many errors causing Samsung Tv error code 188, we have two methods to fix it.

Samsung TV Error Code 118

samsung tv error code 118 fixed

If your Samsung smart tv is showing an error code 118 messages, the downloading process is interrupted. However, the error prevents the app from being updated to the newest version. Therefore, there are more chances of getting other errors when apps are not updated in time. Samsung server enables to download of the app over the internet via its app store. However, if the smart hub unable to connect to the server occurs the problem.

There are various major causes for error 118 on your Samsung smart tv. In addition, we have listed some of the core reasons for Samsung Tv error code 118:

  • Slow internet connection
  • DNS issue
  • Smart hub corrupts files or configurations, etc.

These are the possible reasons for the smart hub’s inability to connect to the Samsung server. However, Smart tv’s issue can be fixed despite corrupted data or issue on configuration. Here are some of the measures to troubleshoot Samsung Tv error code 118:

Troubleshoot for Samsung TV Error Code 118

Method 1: Power Cycling

Power cycling is the process of surging the power from the source to the device. To fix the issue you have to complete the power cycle of the device which is used or connected to the Tv and smart hub. Simply, you have to turn off the power from the device. For instance, power cycle the Television, smart hub, and router. After the devices are turned off, disconnect the power supply cable and then wait for at least 15 minutes. Again, reconnect the power supply cables to their destination and then turn on the device. Once it down, try downloading apps.

Method 2: Reset Smart Hub

If you encounter an error but your internet connection is working on your smart tv. It means there is an issue with the smart hub. Therefore, the smart hub causes problems when its data is corrupted. In such a case, you have to reset the smart hub to resolve the problems. Follow the instructions in order to reset the smart hub to fix the issues:

1. On the tv remote, press the Home button to open the launcher menu.
2. Go to Settings and then select Support.
3. Select Self Diagnosis and then Reset Smart Hub.

can't download app from app store

4. Follow on screen instructions.

Once the smart hub reset is completed, reboot your smart hub and tv. Now, go to the app store and highlight the application to download on your smart tv. If you sign in to your Samsung account on the smart hub, the previously installed application will start downloading. However, resetting deletes everything but linked accounts and applications can be restored from the Samsung account.

Method 3: Set Up DNS

When the network configuration is incorrect on your smart tv. The smart hub is unable to connect to the server. In order to provide a stable connection to the Smart hub, we have to set up DNS. For instance, DNS improves network stability and increases speed. Follow the instructions to change the DNS setting on Samsung Tv:

  1. Go to Settings and then select Network.
  2. Select Network Status and then IP settings.
  3. Choose Enter manually and then enter
Samsung tv error code 118

Method 4: Switch the Network Connection

After resetting the smart hub on your Samsung smart tv, if you encounter the error 118 again. Therefore, there is an issue with the connection. To resolve the network connectivity on your smart tv, change the connection medium or switch to another network. You can use a mobile hotspot to test the smart hub is establishing the connection to the server. On your smartphone, turn the mobile hotspot and then enable the mobile data. Now, grab your TV’s remote and then connect to the mobile hotspot. After that, go to the app store and then download the app.

To connect the server, the connection should be stronger enough. If your tv is connected to the wifi but cannot download the application, switch to ethernet. Therefore, this method works if your smart tv is far from the router.

Method 5: Reset Network

Unfortunately, none of the methods worked to solve the error. It means it’s time to reset the network. In addition, to delete all the issues on the network configuration. To do that,

  1. From the Settings, go to Network.
  2. Select Reset Network.
Samsung tv error 118

Afterward, you have to connect to the wifi network. Select your wifi network and then enter your password. Now, go to the apps store and then try downloading apps.

Final Thougths

Samsung Tv error code 118 can be fixed by resetting the smart hub. This error is blocks apps from downloading from the app store. If your internet connection is causing the issue, switch to another network. However, this error is caused due to internet connection failure. Once you solve the internet connection issue on your smart tv, the error will no longer occur and the app can be download smoothly.

FAQ on Samsung Tv error code 118

1. Why is my Samsung Smart TV not connecting to the Internet?

Ans: The network may get busy sometimes. Samsung smart tv cannot connect to the internet when the internet is blocked by the ISP. Sometimes, tv is unable to connect to the internet due to outdated firmware.

2. What is error 118?

Ans: Samsung smart tv error 118 means the app cannot be downloaded from the app store because smart hub’s inability to connect to the Samsung server.

Samsung TV Error Code 105 Fixed | Network is Visible


There is a lot of problems caused due to the network failure on the Smart Tv. Among the failure problems, Samsung Tv error code 105 is one of them. This error encountered when your smart tv is unable to connect to an internet source. Samsung Tv error code 105 occurs on both wired and wireless connection mediums. Therefore, smart Tv should be access to the internet in order to solve this problem.

When there is a problem related to network connectivity, there must be something preventing the internet source to reach the destination. To get rid of error code 105 on Samsung smart Tv. In addition, you have ensured that the internet establishing between a modem and the smart television. There are a lot of preventive measures and precautions that we are discussing in this guide.

Samsung TV Error Code 105

Samsung tv error code 105

If your television is previously connected to the internet but unable to find the network. You may encounter error 105. Similarly, smart tv cannot find any source to connect to the internet when your smart tv attached an ethernet cable. The error message will pop up. There are a lot of reasons for the internet not establishing. However, sometimes ISP has blocked the internet source and the tv cannot connect to the internet.

Samsung Tv error code 105 can cause a lot of problems and prevent a lot of features that are only accessible with the help of the internet. However, you can easily troubleshoot the problem by either connecting to another internet source or adjusting router settings to easily visible for your device. This error is easily solvable just by filtering some network configurations on your Smart Tv. Here are some of the working instructions which you should apply in order to approach the error fixing goal.

Method 1: Disable Hidden SSID

Sometimes, SSID is hidden of your wireless network. The error is caused when network is unreachable to the television. In order to fix Samsung tv error code 105, you have to configure your routers set up page. You have to disable the Hidden SSID option from the router settings. To do that,

  1. Go to your router’s control panel.
  2. Navigate to the Wireless option.
  3. Select Basic and then uncheck the hide access point option.
error code 105 samsung tv

On your Tv, go to Wi-Fi settings and then search for available networks. Choose your wifi from the list and then enter the password to connect to the internet. If the smart tv is able to find the network, it means you have solved the problem.

Method 1: Unblock Tv on Router

The first approach to the solution is to ensure the television is not blocked by the router. In addition, if your router is enabled the mac filtering option. It means the television is not added to the whitelist of the router. To connect to the internet device mac address must be included in the whitelist. Otherwise, the router cannot grant internet access to the device. To ensure the router is not blocking Samsung Smart Tv, follow the given instructions to run the check:

1. On your Tv, go to Settings > Support > About This TV. Note down the Mac address of your device. If you are using WiFi note wireless mac address else note wired mac address for ethernet connection.

samsung smart tv error code 105

2. From the computer’s browser, open the router’s settings. Login to the router’s control panel to add the TV’s mac address.
3. Toggle to Network > Network Status > IP Settings.
4. Choose Enter manually from the IP setting.

samsung tv error 105 fixed

5. Then assign an IP Address, the Subnet Mask, and the Gateway manually.

Once you save the setting on your router, try launching online applications to check the internet is working. However, you can easily test your internet on your Tv to know the internet is working properly. Applying these instructions will assign a mac address on your Tv.

Method 2: Set Up DNS

If the previous method didn’t work on your Smart Tv to solve the error, you have to set up DNS on Samsung Tv. In addition, configuring DNS on your Samsung Smart Tv is really easy. But ensure to input the correct DNS address while setting up. If you are using the DNS setting which is provided by the ISP itself, there is much chance of getting most of the errors related network. Therefore, follow the given instructions step-by-step to change DNS settings to fix Samsung Tv error code 105:

1. Press the Home button on TVs remote and then toggle to settings.
2. Select Network > Network Status and then go to IP settings.
3. Highlight the DNS settings and then choose Enter Manually.

error 105 fixed

4. Enter on the input field.
5. Save the settings by clicking on Done.

Afterward, test your internet connection from the Tv settings. However, the error won’t appear if the internet status is connected and the internet is working. If you have set up a public DNS server on your Samsung smart Tv, the internet connection will be stable and faster. We recommend a public DNS server over a private DNS server. For instance, the public DNS server is more secure and prevents malware from spreading on the smart Tv.


Samsung Tv error code 105 has occurred when the internet connection is unable to establish on your Smart Tv. In addition, sometimes tv cannot find a Wi-Fi network or couldn’t recognize the ethernet connection. If your network has mac filter enabled, go and register your smart Tv’s mac address on the router’s wishlist. For instance, the error code 105 will be fixed on your Samsung Tv. When there is an issue with the network configuration on your smart tv. You should correct the problem in order to bypass the error. However, choosing the best network configuration for your Tv will fix the error. Samsung Tv error code 105 is solved by changing the DNS setting on your Tv.

Read other solutions:

If you have any questions regarding the smart Tv, feel free to share with us. We try to solve the errors that occurred on your Smart Tv. In addition, here are some of the most asked questions on Samsung Tv error code 105:

FAQ on Samsung TV Error Code 105

1. Why is my Samsung Smart TV not connecting to the Internet?

Ans: Internet is prevented from various entities to connect on your Samsung Smart Tv. Sometimes, there is an issue with the television or router. There may be also a change of ISP blocking the internet connection.

2. What is error code 105?

Ans: In Samsung smart tv error code 105 means television is unable to find the network. So there is no internet connection available at the right moment.

3. Does Samsung error 105 occurs on wired connection?

Ans: If tv couldn’t recognize the ethernet connection, it shows error 105.

Samsung TV Error Code 202 Fixed in 2 Steps


When you are watching shows or movies on the television. Unexpectedly it shows an error message popping out on the screen. The error message shows Error code 202. In addition, your smart TV is not able to connect to the internet because Samsung Tv error code 202 blocks ISP services.

With the prevention of ISP services, you cannot access the online content. Samsung TV error code 202 prevents the ISP features from working on the Smart Tv. Therefore, the error should be completely fixed in order to surf the internet as well as unlock ISP services. To solve the error 202 on your Samsung Smart Tv you have to update the TV’s firmware and set up the DNS on your Tv.

In this tutorial, we’ll fix Samsung Tv error code 202. For instance, apply the preventive measures which solve error completely. These instructions are easy to apply on your TV. However, error code 202 is likely occurring on the Samsung Tv model from 2010 to the present. The instructions almost work on every Samsung model tv since all are running on the same platform.

Samsung TV Error Code 202

Samsung TV Error Code 202

When you haven’t updated your Samsung Smart Tv in a long time, there are more chances of encountering error 202. Samsung Smart Tv error 202 is caused due to outdated terms of update. Therefore, outdated firmware couldn’t handle the latest network configurations. We recommend updating the smart tv regularly, prevents the issue from causing. There is another reason for causing error 202 on smart tv when your Tv is updated to the latest version of the firmware. In addition, the problem is causing due to the DNS address issue on your Smart Tv.

If the single digit is mistakenly inputted while setting up the DNS on your Tv. The tv won’t connect to the internet. Internet is the ISP service and an incorrect DNS address prevents the internet from connecting. Hence, error 202 will occur on your smart tv. Although how complicated the problem is, it has a solution. Luckily, we have solved Samsung Tv error 202 with the working method that is instructed down below:

Method 1: Set Up DNS on Samsung Tv

DNS stands for Domain name system which plays a vital role in connecting to the network. It translates the domain name into an IP address. In addition, an IP address assigns your device to connect to a network. If the DNS address is incorrect the router cannot connect the Tv to the internet. Therefore, you have to carefully enter the DNS address while changing its settings. Follow the instructions to set up DNS on Samsung smart Tv:

1On the Tv remote, press the Home button and then select Settings.
2. Select Network and then Network Status.
3. Select IP Settings and then choose Enter Manually.

samsung tv error code 202

4. Enter in the DNS server address field and then Save the Settings.

Now, your TV is switched into Google DNS. For instance, now the TV’s connection is secure. Internet won’t disconnect on your Tv. If you want to set another DNS server on your Smart Tv. Check out the list of Fastest DNS servers for Samsung Smart Tv. Afterward, check the error is occurring or gone away.

Method 2: Update TV Firmware

Updating the Smart Tv is very easy but getting noticed about the update is the problem. When the Samsung Smart TV update is available, it sends a notification which disappears within 15 minutes of arrival. However, you can easily update your Tv even after the notification disappears. Here are the step-by-step instructions to update Samsung Tv firmware:

1. Go to Settings, and then select Support.
2. Select Software Update, and then select Update Now.

samsung smart tv isp blocking service error code 202

3. Now, update begins. Follow the on screen instructions to install the update.

Once the update is over, your Tv automatically reboots. Check if the error is gone away. However, you can use an ethernet connection to update your smart Tv over the internet. If you do not have an internet cable, there is another method for updating firmware. You can update Via USB. To do that, you should have a USB drive and a PC connected to the internet.

Update Firmware without Internet

1. From your PC’s internet browser, search for the Samsung Online Support Site.
2. Click on Support and then Manual & Software.
3. Enter your TV’s model number and then Click on MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS.
4. Click on the download option to save the firmware file.
5. After the file is downloaded, insert a USB drive on your PC.
6. Extract the zip file and then copy it into the USB’s root directory.

Now, the USB drive has been flashed to install the firmware. Eject the USB drive from the PC and then insert it into your Tv. Afterward, turn on your smart Tv and then follow the instructions:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote.
  2. Select Support and then Software Upgrade.
Samsung error 202 fixed

3. Choose Update via USB and then press Enter.

Once the Tv finishes updating, you won’t encounter error 202 again. You can use this method when your tv is connecting to the internet while using an ethernet connection.

Methods to Avoid Samsung Tv Error 202

There are a lot of methods to prevent Samsung tv causing from error 202. However, here are some of the core reasons which improve the connection in your Smart Tv. First of all your internet shouldn’t be busy. When it seems, tries out power cycling or changes the Wi-Fi password. If your Tv is not getting sufficient bandwidth or signal then reduce the distance between router and television. For instance, removing the electro-magnetic appliances improves the signal density.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Tv error code 202 is solved by applying these instructions. Ensure you have entered the correct DNS server address on your Tv’s network setting. If you do not want to go through the issues, update your smart Tv regularly. Therefore, error 202 is also caused due to outdated firmware.

FAQ on Samsung TV Error Code 202

1. What does Samsung Tv error code 202 mean?

Ans: When your Tv is not connected to the internet due to an issue with DNS address or outdated firmware. Samsung Tv shows error code 202. Generally, this error occurs if any other ISP service is blocked.

2. Which DNS should I use?

Ans: There are many DNS that is secure and faster than your private DNS provided by the ISP itself. I personally prefer OpenDNS over google DNS.

LG TV not Connecting to WiFi Fixed


Have you ever encountered LG Tv not connecting to WiFi while surfing the internet on the Smart Tv? Well, it seems the problem is occurred on the Tv due to both software and hardware failure. Although WiFi not connecting issue looks annoying but it can be easily fixable.

If your LG Smart Tv is unable to connect the WiFi and keeps disconnecting from the Wi-Fi. In this guide, we’ll try to solve the error and then make LG tv able to connect the WIFI successfully. LG Tv not connecting to WIFI issue occurs therefore you won’t be able to access the content that is available online. However, the quick solution for LG Tv not connecting to Wifi is switching to the wired connection.

LG TV not Connecting to WiFi Fixed

LG TV not connecting to WiFi

The core reason for Wi-Fi not able to connect on the Tv is a generic bug on the TV. The bug can cause the error. However, if you have entered incorrect information on the network the WiFi won’t be connected to your TV. There are a lot of reasons for causing this problem which is mentioned down below:

  • Busy Network: When there are a lot of devices are connected on the same network, television stops connecting.
  • Weak Network Strength: If the router and tv are far from each other. Signal strength gets weaker and weaker.
  • Incorrect Date and Time: The time zone affects the network. When your TV has incorrect data and time, it does not connect to the WiFi. Therefore, the internet won’t connect to your Smart Tv.
  • Outdated Firmware: The software version plays a vital role while connecting to WiFi. If the firmware is outdated some functions stops working properly. In addition, Tv starts malfunctioning.
  • Bug/Glitches: There is some generic bug that causes temporary errors on the Tv. If the issue is caused due to the bug, you may encounter the problem several times.

These are the culprits behind the LG Tv not connecting to WiFi. To resolve the problem completely, you have to analyze the actual reason. There are a lot of troubleshooting methods that are based on the causes assumptions of the problems.

Troubleshooting LG Tv not Connecting to WIFI

Basically, we have discussed the causes of the LG Tv not connecting to WIFI. Here is the part where you can actually solve the issue and be able to connect to the WIFI. I have tested some tricks which are still working. The method which is marked as recommended are very important and you shouldn’t escape them.

Method 1: Power Cycling

Wifi not connecting

First of all, you have to power cycle each and every device which comes in the process of connecting the Tv to Wi-Fi. Most of the users have Tv and router involved in inter-connecting to the internet. However, you have to completely shut down both the television and the router until their power is drained. To do that, simply turn off your television and then disconnect all the power supply connectors. Afterward, wait for few minutes and then re-connect both devices to the power supply and then turn on them.

Method 2: Change Time and Date Settings

We recommend trying out this solution while solving the error. The date and time get changed automatically after rebooting the TV. It happens due to a generic bug or occurs when you have not enabled the set an auto date and time option in your Tv. If that is the case then you have to change the date and time manually. In addition, follow the given instructions in order manually change the time and date on your LG Smart Tv:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote, and then navigate to Settings.
  2. Select All Settings and then select General.
  3. Select Time and Date.

Now, set the date and time according to your region. Check the automatically set date on the time zone and then choose your time zone area. Once the date and time are corrected, you can try your Smart Tv connect to Wi-Fi.

Method 3: Change DNS Settings

If your smart tv is previously connected to the Wi-Fi but it keeps disconnecting. It happens due to incorrect information. When the DNS server is incorrect, it prevents the internet from working. However, the smart tv itself disconnects the WiFi if there is no internet available. If you are still encountering the problem. Therefore, you have to set up the DNS configuration on your LG smart Tv. To do that,

1. Select Network and then select Network Status.
2. Select Edit and then Enter.

internet error

3. Check Set Automatically.

DNS error

4. Enter and then select connect.

Now, your Tv is connected to Wi-Fi. However, you can choose other DNS servers while configuring the DNS setting. Here are some of the fastest DNS servers for LG smart Tv.

Method 4: Hard Line to Modem

If you are still struggling to connect your Tv with the Wifi. There is another way of connecting to the WiFi that is called the WPS Pin method. Follow the instructions to connect WiFi via the WPS Pin method:

1. Press the Home button on the remote and then All Settings.
2. Select Network and then WiFi connection.


3. Now, select Connect via WPS PIN.

Method 5: Factory Reset LG Smart Tv

Unfortunately, if none of the methods worked on your Tv to fix the problem. You should factory reset your Tv. Factory resetting removes everything. It is possible the error is caused by a corrupted data file. Follow the instructions given below to reset LG smart Tv:

1. On the remote, press the Home button.
2. Select Settings and then select All settings.
3. Select the General, and then choose Reset to Initial Settings.
4. Now, enter the security key.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the factory reset. Once the resetting is done, try connecting to Wi-Fi.

Final Thoughts

LG Tv not connecting to WiFi is fixed after applying these instructions. The bug or the entity which is preventing the WiFi from connecting is gone away. However, each and every method are recommended in the process of solving error. There is neither special nor a common solution. All methods are able to solve the error. It is determined which reason is causing the problem.

FAQ on LG Tv not Connecting to WiFi

1. What is WPS button?

Ans: Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) is a feature on the router which is designed to process connecting to secure connection from the device.

2. Why is my network not showing up?

Ans: Ensure WiFi is enabled on your device. If it is enabled then there must be SSID hidden. You can disable the SSID hidden feature from your router.

How to Change DNS Settings on Samsung Smart TV


Most of the Samsung Tv users have been getting a slower connection on their tv. To solve slow and fluctuating internet connection in the smart Tv. You have to change DNS setting on Samsung Smart Tv. Altering the DNS settings on Samsung Smart Tv, increase the internet connection speed whereas stability. However, you can easily change DNS settings Samsung Tv on both wired and wireless connections.

Samsung is a popular television manufacturer which has been provided the best picture quality televisions. Although Samsung is a huge brand it televisions have only one platform i.e Tizen OS. In addition, there is only one OS used in Samsung Smart Tv. You do not have to determine the platform of your Smart Tv.

DNS (Domain Name System) is the phonebook of the internet that stores domain names in the format of digits i.e Ip address. It translates the domain name (Eg: smartglitch.com) into the Ip address. P address is assigned to the computer device which is used to inter-connected and located the device into the computer network. However, the IP address is dynamic which is usually determined by the router. It is unique and can be changed by connecting to different networks.

How to Change DNS Settings on Samsung Smart TV

At first, you have to know the purpose and benefits of using a DNS server on your Samsung Smart Tv. The core reason for changing the DNS setting is to bypass the error which is directly related to the network. You can easily resolve errors and problems like the internet not working, Wi-Fi not connecting on your Tv, slow and unstable connections. However, changing the DNS setting on your Smart Tv helps to fix the issues. However, DNS servers unblock the restricted contents in a geographical area.

It becomes necessary to change the DNS server if you feel unsecured on the internet. The DNS server prevents stealing data or contents of the users. DNS servers also Help to optimize the internet connectivity of your Smart Tv. The DNS simply switches the nearest server to your in order to overcome the load time while streaming contents.

Here are the highlighted features of Changing DNS server on Samsung Tv:

  • Faster and stable connection.
  • Blocks unwanted ads and prevents privacy leaks.
  • Resolves errors on the TV.
  • Unlocks geo-locked contents, etc


Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to change DNS settings on Samsung Tv. Grab your Tv remote and then apply the instructions as mentioned here:

1. Press the Home button on the television remote and then navigate to the Setting menu.
2. Select Network and then select Network Status.

Samsung Tv DNS setting
Image: Network settings

3. Select IP Settings and then Enter.

Change DNS server
Image: Ip settings

4. Scroll to DNS setting option and then choose Enter manually.

setup DNS setting on Samsung TV

6. Enter in the DNS input field.

Change DNS Settings Samsung TV

7. Save the setting and then exit.

Now, you have changed the DNS setting on your Samsung Smart Tv. If you want to check the internet is still working on your Tv, test the network status. However, you can choose any DNS server on your Tv. You will notice a slight change in the internet performances after changing DNS address on your Tv.

Fastest DNS Servers for Samsung Smart Tv

With the increasing number of DNS providers, now you can easily choose the perfect DNS server yourself. There is plenty of DNS server which has their own core features. For instance, with the increasing internet application, there are more compromises in privacy. To solve that problem therefore most of the DNS servers provide military-grade security on their service.

Looking at the features of the DNS server here are some of the recommended DNS servers which you should give a try. These DNS servers are tested on the Samsung Smart Tv which has improved the connection. You can enter any DNS address while DNS setup on your Smart Tv. Here are the list of the best DNS servers for Samsung Smart Tv:

DNS ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS
Cloud flare1.
Comodo Secure DNS8.
Level 3209.244.0.3209.244.0.4
Uncensored DNS91.239.100.10089.233.43.71
Alternate DNS

We recommend you ignore the secondary DNS server address since there is no secondary DNS input in Samsung Tv settings. Copy and paste the exact primary DNS address into the input option. These DNS servers are ranked among the best DNS servers.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you are able to setup DNS configuration on your Samsung smart Tv. DNS is used to make internet connectivity faster. I used Google DNS while setting up the DNS server on my smart Tv. However, you can use another DNS address. Make sure the input address is correct because a mistake on a single-digit can cause the issue. Internet won’t work if the DNS address is incorrect or wrong.

If you have any questions regarding changing DNS settings on your Smart Tv, comment your doubts. In addition, here are some of the usually asked questions by the users.

FAQ on Setup DNS on Samsung Smart Tv

1. Why is Samsung Smart TV not connecting to Internet?

Ans: Ans: Samsung Smart TV not connecting to Internet because it happens due to inputing incorrect DNS servers address on your Smart Tv.

2. What is DNS?

Ans: DNS is a phonebook of the internet that stores domain names into IP address form. It assigns the information of a domain name to each particular entity.

3. What is DNS setting on Smart TV?

Ans: A DNS setting on Smart Tv grants to change the DNS server. This setting allows you to set up other public DNS servers on your Smart Tv.

4. Can I use other DNS than 8.8 8.8 DNS?

Ans: Of course, you can use another DNS on your Smart Tv. There are many other DNS providers who outperform Google DNS.

5. Is changing your DNS safe?

Ans: Many DNS providers have added military-grade security layers on their DNS servers. There is no doubt public DNS servers are more secure than private ones. For instance, DNS servers are owned by huge corporations like Google, Cloud flare, etc.

6. Which DNS you Use?

Ans: There are so many best DNS servers but in my pereferences I use OpenDNS. It is fast and secure.