Samsung Tv Remote Not Working Fixed

Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working Fixed

Remote is a device that helps to navigate tv menus, change channels, control volume level, etc on a Smart Tv. Sometimes televisions remotes stop working. In addition, when you press the remote keys, tv didn’t respond. It may be caused due to broken remote. However, here are some of the working instructions to fix the Samsung Tv remote not working.

There are various reasons why the Samsung Tv remote is not working. For instance, the most are dead batteries issue, physical damage, paring issues. In most cases, the infrared sensor issue is preventing the remote from functioning. Samsung Smart Tv remote not working issue can be easily fixed despite there is no controlling option.

Samsung Tv Remote Not Working Fixed

Samsung tv remote not working fixed

When your Smart Tv remote stops working, you cannot access most of the features on the tv. The navigation feature is completely useless without the remote. If you cannot control the tv, there is still some hope to resolve the remote. However, you can use fix remote after figuring the actual cause for the remote’s malfunctioning. If your tv is not working then there may be a battery issue or paring issue. Else remote is physically broken.

Sometimes Tv changes sources or alters volume level by itself then you should remove the batteries from the remote. In addition, to fix remote from malfunction. This kind of error is generally caused by bugs or dust on the remote. Therefore, here are some of the working methods to fix the Samsung Tv remote not working issue.

Method 1: Quick Solution

If your tv is changing channels or volume by itself, it means there is dust on the tv remote. In addition, you should clean the dust area on the remote with a soft cotton cloth. This problem also occurs when there is a generic bug or tv is glitched. Here are the step-by-step instructions to fix the remote:

  1. Remove the batteries from Tv remote.
  2. Unplug the TV.
  3. Clean the touch controls with a microfiber cloth to wipe the dust particles from the remote.
  4. Plug the Tv into the wall outlet and then turn on the Tv.
  5. Insert the batteries into the remote.
  6. Check if the remote issue is gone away.

We recommend replacing the batteries with the new ones. However, changing the battery to test the remote’s functionality. If the tv’s control is changed again, the remote has a problem.

Method 2: Clean the IR sensor/remote

IR sensors on the Tv remote help to send the signals to the tv when users give input. However, dust on the surface of the IR sensor blocks the signals from reaching to tv. In that case, clean the IR sensor with a microfiber cloth. Wipe all the parts of the IR sensor connected to the tv board. After that, turn on your Tv and then start using the remote. Now, your Tv should have been receiving the signals.

Method 3: Replace Batteries from Remote

Samsung Tv volume not working on remote

Sometimes batteries are dead on the tv remote. It causes the remote not to work on your Samsung smart tv. However, there are no battery level indicators on the remote to check its charge level capacity. Simply, replace the batteries with the new ones on the remote. Insert new paries of batteries on the Tv remote and then check if the remote not working issue persists.

Method 4: Check remote is paired

Most of the time, the remote is not working on the Tv because it has not been paired. When you remove the batteries or turn off your tv, the remote is unpaired by itself. It happens when you perform a hard reset on Samsung Tv. However, to pair your Samsung smart tv with a remote follow these instructions:

1. On the remote, press and hold the Return and Play/Pause button for at least 5 seconds.

remote issue

2. Now, your Samsung smart Tv begins syncing with the smart remote.

Method 5: Reset Remote

It is obvious remote is corrupted and causing the problem. The corrupted remote is unable to control the tv. If the Samsung tv remote not working issue isn’t fixed after applying previous instructions, reset your smart remote. To do that,

1. Remove batteries from the remote.
2. Press power for at least 8 seconds to reset the tv remote.

samsung tv remote not working

3. Now, reinsert batteries in the remote and then pair the remote.
4. Check if the error is gone away.

Method 6: Disable Bluetooth

If you have paired your remote via Bluetooth on Samsung smart tv, turn it off and then turn on the Bluetooth. Ensure there no obstruction between tv and the remote. For instance, electromagnetic devices can create obstruction in infrared.

Method 7: Install Remote App on Smartphone

If none of the above methods worked to fix the remote issue on your Samsung Smart Tv, install a remote app on your smartphone. You can easily get the app on Playstore and an app store respected to your phone’s operating system. However, use that app to navigate, control, the tv. When you are able to control your Samsung Smart tv with a smartphone. You can update Tv’s firmware and also factory reset your Tv.

Method 8: Update Firmware

There may be a problem with the software when your tv is running on outdated firmware. To resolve the issue you have to update your tv with the latest version. To do that,

  1. Navigate to Settings and then All Settings.
  2. Select Support and then System Update.
  3. Choose Network and then update begins.
  4. Once the update finishes, check if the remote is working.


Samsung Smart Tv remote not working issue can be fixed after applying these instructions on your smart tv. In addition, if none of the methods worked in your case, you should buy a universal remote or use your Smartphone as a remote. However, the quick solution can easily resolve all the tv remote errors. If your problem is not fixed contact Samsung support.

FAQ on Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working Fixed

1. Why has my Samsung TV remote stopped working?

Ans: There are various reasons such as physical damage, battery issue, IR sensor issue, and software bug, etc. cause Samsung tv remote not working issue.

2. How to enable On screen remote on Samsung Smart Tv?

Ans: Press MENU/123 button on tv remote to display on screen remote.


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