Samsung TV Error Code 202 Fixed in 2 Steps

Samsung TV Error Code 202 Fixed

When you are watching shows or movies on the television. Unexpectedly it shows an error message popping out on the screen. The error message shows Error code 202. In addition, your smart TV is not able to connect to the internet because Samsung Tv error code 202 blocks ISP services.

With the prevention of ISP services, you cannot access the online content. Samsung TV error code 202 prevents the ISP features from working on the Smart Tv. Therefore, the error should be completely fixed in order to surf the internet as well as unlock ISP services. To solve the error 202 on your Samsung Smart Tv you have to update the TV’s firmware and set up the DNS on your Tv.

In this tutorial, we’ll fix Samsung Tv error code 202. For instance, apply the preventive measures which solve error completely. These instructions are easy to apply on your TV. However, error code 202 is likely occurring on the Samsung Tv model from 2010 to the present. The instructions almost work on every Samsung model tv since all are running on the same platform.

Samsung TV Error Code 202

Samsung TV Error Code 202

When you haven’t updated your Samsung Smart Tv in a long time, there are more chances of encountering error 202. Samsung Smart Tv error 202 is caused due to outdated terms of update. Therefore, outdated firmware couldn’t handle the latest network configurations. We recommend updating the smart tv regularly, prevents the issue from causing. There is another reason for causing error 202 on smart tv when your Tv is updated to the latest version of the firmware. In addition, the problem is causing due to the DNS address issue on your Smart Tv.

If the single digit is mistakenly inputted while setting up the DNS on your Tv. The tv won’t connect to the internet. Internet is the ISP service and an incorrect DNS address prevents the internet from connecting. Hence, error 202 will occur on your smart tv. Although how complicated the problem is, it has a solution. Luckily, we have solved Samsung Tv error 202 with the working method that is instructed down below:

Method 1: Set Up DNS on Samsung Tv

DNS stands for Domain name system which plays a vital role in connecting to the network. It translates the domain name into an IP address. In addition, an IP address assigns your device to connect to a network. If the DNS address is incorrect the router cannot connect the Tv to the internet. Therefore, you have to carefully enter the DNS address while changing its settings. Follow the instructions to set up DNS on Samsung smart Tv:

1On the Tv remote, press the Home button and then select Settings.
2. Select Network and then Network Status.
3. Select IP Settings and then choose Enter Manually.

samsung tv error code 202

4. Enter in the DNS server address field and then Save the Settings.

Now, your TV is switched into Google DNS. For instance, now the TV’s connection is secure. Internet won’t disconnect on your Tv. If you want to set another DNS server on your Smart Tv. Check out the list of Fastest DNS servers for Samsung Smart Tv. Afterward, check the error is occurring or gone away.

Method 2: Update TV Firmware

Updating the Smart Tv is very easy but getting noticed about the update is the problem. When the Samsung Smart TV update is available, it sends a notification which disappears within 15 minutes of arrival. However, you can easily update your Tv even after the notification disappears. Here are the step-by-step instructions to update Samsung Tv firmware:

1. Go to Settings, and then select Support.
2. Select Software Update, and then select Update Now.

samsung smart tv isp blocking service error code 202

3. Now, update begins. Follow the on screen instructions to install the update.

Once the update is over, your Tv automatically reboots. Check if the error is gone away. However, you can use an ethernet connection to update your smart Tv over the internet. If you do not have an internet cable, there is another method for updating firmware. You can update Via USB. To do that, you should have a USB drive and a PC connected to the internet.

Update Firmware without Internet

1. From your PC’s internet browser, search for the Samsung Online Support Site.
2. Click on Support and then Manual & Software.
3. Enter your TV’s model number and then Click on MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS.
4. Click on the download option to save the firmware file.
5. After the file is downloaded, insert a USB drive on your PC.
6. Extract the zip file and then copy it into the USB’s root directory.

Now, the USB drive has been flashed to install the firmware. Eject the USB drive from the PC and then insert it into your Tv. Afterward, turn on your smart Tv and then follow the instructions:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote.
  2. Select Support and then Software Upgrade.
Samsung error 202 fixed

3. Choose Update via USB and then press Enter.

Once the Tv finishes updating, you won’t encounter error 202 again. You can use this method when your tv is connecting to the internet while using an ethernet connection.

Methods to Avoid Samsung Tv Error 202

There are a lot of methods to prevent Samsung tv causing from error 202. However, here are some of the core reasons which improve the connection in your Smart Tv. First of all your internet shouldn’t be busy. When it seems, tries out power cycling or changes the Wi-Fi password. If your Tv is not getting sufficient bandwidth or signal then reduce the distance between router and television. For instance, removing the electro-magnetic appliances improves the signal density.

Final Thoughts

Samsung Tv error code 202 is solved by applying these instructions. Ensure you have entered the correct DNS server address on your Tv’s network setting. If you do not want to go through the issues, update your smart Tv regularly. Therefore, error 202 is also caused due to outdated firmware.

FAQ on Samsung TV Error Code 202

1. What does Samsung Tv error code 202 mean?

Ans: When your Tv is not connected to the internet due to an issue with DNS address or outdated firmware. Samsung Tv shows error code 202. Generally, this error occurs if any other ISP service is blocked.

2. Which DNS should I use?

Ans: There are many DNS that is secure and faster than your private DNS provided by the ISP itself. I personally prefer OpenDNS over google DNS.


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