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Samsung tv error code 105

There is a lot of problems caused due to the network failure on the Smart Tv. Among the failure problems, Samsung Tv error code 105 is one of them. This error encountered when your smart tv is unable to connect to an internet source. Samsung Tv error code 105 occurs on both wired and wireless connection mediums. Therefore, smart Tv should be access to the internet in order to solve this problem.

When there is a problem related to network connectivity, there must be something preventing the internet source to reach the destination. To get rid of error code 105 on Samsung smart Tv. In addition, you have ensured that the internet establishing between a modem and the smart television. There are a lot of preventive measures and precautions that we are discussing in this guide.

Samsung TV Error Code 105

Samsung tv error code 105

If your television is previously connected to the internet but unable to find the network. You may encounter error 105. Similarly, smart tv cannot find any source to connect to the internet when your smart tv attached an ethernet cable. The error message will pop up. There are a lot of reasons for the internet not establishing. However, sometimes ISP has blocked the internet source and the tv cannot connect to the internet.

Samsung Tv error code 105 can cause a lot of problems and prevent a lot of features that are only accessible with the help of the internet. However, you can easily troubleshoot the problem by either connecting to another internet source or adjusting router settings to easily visible for your device. This error is easily solvable just by filtering some network configurations on your Smart Tv. Here are some of the working instructions which you should apply in order to approach the error fixing goal.

Method 1: Disable Hidden SSID

Sometimes, SSID is hidden of your wireless network. The error is caused when network is unreachable to the television. In order to fix Samsung tv error code 105, you have to configure your routers set up page. You have to disable the Hidden SSID option from the router settings. To do that,

  1. Go to your router’s control panel.
  2. Navigate to the Wireless option.
  3. Select Basic and then uncheck the hide access point option.
error code 105 samsung tv

On your Tv, go to Wi-Fi settings and then search for available networks. Choose your wifi from the list and then enter the password to connect to the internet. If the smart tv is able to find the network, it means you have solved the problem.

Method 1: Unblock Tv on Router

The first approach to the solution is to ensure the television is not blocked by the router. In addition, if your router is enabled the mac filtering option. It means the television is not added to the whitelist of the router. To connect to the internet device mac address must be included in the whitelist. Otherwise, the router cannot grant internet access to the device. To ensure the router is not blocking Samsung Smart Tv, follow the given instructions to run the check:

1. On your Tv, go to Settings > Support > About This TV. Note down the Mac address of your device. If you are using WiFi note wireless mac address else note wired mac address for ethernet connection.

samsung smart tv error code 105

2. From the computer’s browser, open the router’s settings. Login to the router’s control panel to add the TV’s mac address.
3. Toggle to Network > Network Status > IP Settings.
4. Choose Enter manually from the IP setting.

samsung tv error 105 fixed

5. Then assign an IP Address, the Subnet Mask, and the Gateway manually.

Once you save the setting on your router, try launching online applications to check the internet is working. However, you can easily test your internet on your Tv to know the internet is working properly. Applying these instructions will assign a mac address on your Tv.

Method 2: Set Up DNS

If the previous method didn’t work on your Smart Tv to solve the error, you have to set up DNS on Samsung Tv. In addition, configuring DNS on your Samsung Smart Tv is really easy. But ensure to input the correct DNS address while setting up. If you are using the DNS setting which is provided by the ISP itself, there is much chance of getting most of the errors related network. Therefore, follow the given instructions step-by-step to change DNS settings to fix Samsung Tv error code 105:

1. Press the Home button on TVs remote and then toggle to settings.
2. Select Network > Network Status and then go to IP settings.
3. Highlight the DNS settings and then choose Enter Manually.

error 105 fixed

4. Enter on the input field.
5. Save the settings by clicking on Done.

Afterward, test your internet connection from the Tv settings. However, the error won’t appear if the internet status is connected and the internet is working. If you have set up a public DNS server on your Samsung smart Tv, the internet connection will be stable and faster. We recommend a public DNS server over a private DNS server. For instance, the public DNS server is more secure and prevents malware from spreading on the smart Tv.


Samsung Tv error code 105 has occurred when the internet connection is unable to establish on your Smart Tv. In addition, sometimes tv cannot find a Wi-Fi network or couldn’t recognize the ethernet connection. If your network has mac filter enabled, go and register your smart Tv’s mac address on the router’s wishlist. For instance, the error code 105 will be fixed on your Samsung Tv. When there is an issue with the network configuration on your smart tv. You should correct the problem in order to bypass the error. However, choosing the best network configuration for your Tv will fix the error. Samsung Tv error code 105 is solved by changing the DNS setting on your Tv.

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If you have any questions regarding the smart Tv, feel free to share with us. We try to solve the errors that occurred on your Smart Tv. In addition, here are some of the most asked questions on Samsung Tv error code 105:

FAQ on Samsung TV Error Code 105

1. Why is my Samsung Smart TV not connecting to the Internet?

Ans: Internet is prevented from various entities to connect on your Samsung Smart Tv. Sometimes, there is an issue with the television or router. There may be also a change of ISP blocking the internet connection.

2. What is error code 105?

Ans: In Samsung smart tv error code 105 means television is unable to find the network. So there is no internet connection available at the right moment.

3. Does Samsung error 105 occurs on wired connection?

Ans: If tv couldn’t recognize the ethernet connection, it shows error 105.


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