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Initialize PS4

Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software on PS4)

The first thing you must know What is Initialize
PS4? or Reinstall System Software on PS4? It means when you initialize your PS4, the PS4 system erased all data from it HDD. All settings will be the default and you find your PS4 console new as when you buy it the first time.

Many users don’t know the meaning of PS4 Initialize, it means re-install the system software of the PS4 console. And when you re-install system software on the PlayStation4 the PlayStation4 is totally clean and it’ll be new like when you buy it first time from the store.

PS4 Cannot Start
PS4 Cannot Start

Before Initialize PS4 must be sure that you backed up all you data. If you didn’t do that you must lose your data. So, first back up all your data. Then follow all theses instructions step by step.

Cannot Start The PS4?

Connect the DUALSHOCK 4 using the USB cable, and then press the PS button.

Before you gonna PS4 Initialize you must need these things: Laptop/ Computer, Internet, USB Pendrive with minimum space 1GB & PlayStation4 connected from USB to PS4. These tools are recommended for PS4 Initialize.

Let’s Start Initialize PS4

Follow the instructions step by step if you miss any step you’ll not be able restore the PS4 console. So, do concentrate and follow the instructions. One another important thing when you doing start Initializing PS4 never turn off your PS4 otherwise your PS4 gonna be destroyed.

  • Open a browser and go to choose your country/ region. Then hover the mouse cursor on PS icon then select System Updates like on the image below.
PS4 System Update
PS4 System Update
  • Now, choose PS4 and you’ll be redirected to the page where you can download the PS4 system software for free.
  • When you come to this page click on AGREE AND DOWNLOAD NOW button for downloading the latest version of PS4 software. Or click here for download official PS4 System Software.

One another thing is very much good for those users who don’t have big space USB pendrive. It’s system software size going to be decreasing day by day and I think its wonderful. When you downloaded the software named PS4UPDATE.PUP must follow the instruction that written on the image below.

  • Do safely remove the USB from the laptop otherwise the software gonna be corrupt.
  • Then put it on the PS4 console USP port. After inserting the USB there’s appear on the screen like this “Connect a USB storage device that contains an update file for reinstallation for version 6.20 or later.”

” You can download the update file for reinstallation from”. Just the below of this dialogue there are 2 options Cancel & Ok, you need to select OK. Then the PS4 will be initialized after some minutes. Then you’ll see once again the warning like below in the image, and this is the final warning from the PS4 after you clicked on Yes button all data will be deleted which is stored in HDD.

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  • Now click on Yes button.
PS4 Initialized
PS4 Initialized
  • After you click on Yes button the PS4 going to be initializing and wait for a minute when installing the system software on the PS4. Don’t turn off the PS4 otherwise the PS4 console will be destroyed and you’ll never use it again.
  • After rebooted the PS4 this screen will have appeared.
PS4 Initialized and restarted
PS4 Initialized and restarted
  • After here we mostly complete the Initialize PS4. Now, choose the language as you like. I choose English. Then click on Next and Next then you can choose here how do you want to connect the PS4 to the Internet. You can choose Wi-Fi of Use a LAN Cable.
  • After you connected to the Internet this option will come. If you have a camera connect it on your PS4 otherwise click on skip. I don’t have a camera so, I click on skip.
PS4 Camera Setup
PS4 Camera Setup
  • Then choose you time zone where does you living now.
  • Enter the date and time and click on Next.
  • On the option of Adjust Power Save Settings, you can choose any option. I choose General (Applications) and click on Next.
  • Now, in the rest mode which features you want to enable and when you select the more, the more power the PS4 will consume. I select all the features. I recommend you select all the features. If you don’t want to enable all the features you can uncheck the any feature as you like the click on Next.
  • After long time all the steps are almost completed. Click on Accept. If you don not accept user agreement you can’t able the use/ open the PS4. So, you must Accept the user agreement.
PS4 License Agreement
PS4 License Agreement

Finally, PS4 is now ready to use. Now, you can use and start the PS4 with its default settings and click on Start Now. After you clicked on start now the PS4 will be started. Now, the PS4 is successfully initialized and the system is new as when you got it for the first time.

After Initialized PS4 you need to login/ sign in you PlayStation Account. If you’ve backed up your data you can restore it from there where you backed up.

There is another option to backing up your data to the cloud storage without losing your important data and without any other HDD or USB storage. Go here for if you don’t now how to PS4 Cloud Saves.

Still you’ve any other confusion on these topic don’t hesitate to comment down below. I’ll give you my best solution as I can.

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