PS4 Error NW-31456-9 Fixed – 100% Working (2019)

PS4 Error NW-31456-9 Fixed - 100% Working (2019)

PS4 Error NW-31456-9

If you are a user of PS4 there are comes many error code when you are using PS4.

Sometime you getting this error code PS4 Error Nw-31456-9 or PSN Login Error NW-31456-9 or Psn NW-31456-9 or NW-1456-9. The all error code are same problem. We research a long time to fix this error code.

Finally, we have found solution for this error code. The Sony company developed best gaming console like PS4 but the company never tried to solve the error code which comes when a user using PS4.

We researched everywhere on the internet, forum, blog, personally but didn’t get the exact solution for this error code. To solve this problem first you need to know what is the full form of NW? NW means Network Error.

If you know about NW code you can go easily solve this problem. Let’s fix this error code.

Reason – PS4 NW-31456-9

We already told you the meaning of NW. So, this error problem is related with network. To solve this problem, first you need to know why this error code appears on the screen of PS4?

So, we write some reason why this error code appears on the screen, just check them.

  • Network problem.
  • PS4 Properly not connected with Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable.
  • IP conflicting.
  • DNS Error.
  • PSN Network Down (To check PSN Network Status click here)
  • The PS4 didn’t restart for a long time.
  • MTU setting changed.

Solution – PS4 NW-31456-9

Above we write some reasons why PS4 Error NW-31456-9 appears on the screen.

We’ll give you best as a best solution to fix this error code. To resolve this problem just follow these instructions below.

Method 1 – Check PSN Status

First of all, sure about the PlayStation Network Status is up or down. If you don’t know how to check the status? You can check it from here: PSN Network Status.

Make sure to check properly the PSN status is up or down. If the PSN status is working properly you can go further in this post. Otherwise check the PSN status is under maintenance or high volume of traffic. If there is maintenance break you can play game after short time of period. Otherwise, you need to go another method to fix NW-31456-9.

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Method 2 – Restarting PS4

This is the best troubleshooting method to fix most of the error. Because if the system is not rebooting for a long time, the system is hanging and its leaving work properly. So, once you must try to restarting your PS4 console to fix PS4 Error NW-31456-9.

This means isn’t you frequently restarting your PS4. You need to shutdown the PS4 console for 5-10 minutes. After 5-10 minutes turn on the PS4 and check if its working properly or not. If its not working go further and apply next method to solve this issue.

Method 3 – Changing MTU Setting

Still your problem is not solved? You can try to changing MTU setting to fix NW-31456-9. Mostly, its working when the error is appears on the screen. If you don’t know how to change MTU setting click here or follow the instructions:

  • First, you need to press the PlayStation button on your PS4 Controller to get over to the Home Screen.
  • Then, you need to select Settings and then click on Network.
  • Now, you have to click on “Set Up Internet Connection“.
  • Then, you need to select WiFi or LAN Cable (Wired) based on what kind of network you are using.
  • After you have selected either of them, you need to select Custom.
  • You will see the MTU Settings where you have to set the value to 1473, 1450, 1472, 1466 really anything like that. I used the ever so popular 1473.

Method 4 – Switch to the Ethernet Cable

PS4 Error NW-31456-9
PS4 Error NW-31456-9

If above all the methods are not fix the error PSN 31456-9? You need to switch your connection to the Ethernet cable. These days no one want to use Ethernet cable, because there is available Wi-Fi and its very easy to use. But they don’t know its disadvantages.

I don’t want to say you that Wi-Fi is bad or don’t say you to don’t use it. But you need to know disadvantages of Wi-Fi. One of the top disadvantage is your device (PS4 console) can’t able to receive proper internet connection. If you’re using Ethernet cable the PS4 receiving proper and 100% internet connection.

So, you need to switch your connection to the Ethernet cable to fix the PS4 Error NW-31456-9. Ethernet connection is more reliable than Wi-Fi connection. I recommend you all who is the users of PS4 and game lover switch your Wi-Fi connection to Ethernet cable.

Final Words

If you applied above all method but still the PS4 Error NW-31456-9 is not fixed. It might be resolve after sometime. Because its short-term error code of PS4.

If the PS4 Error Code NW-31456-9 still persists, you can also try changing the DNS servers to and or any other trusted DNS server. If you don’t know how to change DNS server click here.

Anyone if you have still getting not solve PS4 Error NW-31456-9 comment your problem we’ll try our best to solve the error code. We’re researching best as a best solution for all PS4 Error code. Stay with us.

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