PS4 Error NW-31250-1 Fixed 100% Working 2019

PS4 Error NW-31250-1 Fixed

PS4 Error NW-31250-1

The error code NW-31250-1 comes when there is an internet connection problem or the PS4 console is not properly connected with the internet. This PSN DNS Error NW-31250-1 is a common error issue. Sometimes there is an internet connection problem but we think that the PS4 console is not working, we can’t verify the main problem. We’re going to search the solution without knowing the main reason.

So, in the first, we must find the main reason why the error code NW-31250-1 appears on the screen. This is a simple error problem because this will be solved simply just you need to follow the below steps.

PS4 Error NW-31250-1 Fixed
PS4 Error NW-31250-1 Fixed

Cause of NW-31250-1

Why you are facing the error PS4 DNS NW-31250-1. Because there are so many reasons to generated this error code on your PS4. There might be the PS4 server is in maintenance break, the internet connection problem, the PS4 console is not connected properly with the internet. With this error NW-31250-1 this error CE-307741-1 also comes. Click here for the solution of PS4 Error CE-30774-1 – 100% Fixed.

You might check the internet connection, check also the PS4 console properly connected with the internet, There is no PS4 server maintenance break.

NW-31250-1 appears on the screen while you installing, downloading or updating any games on your PS4 console. And the main reason is when DNS server is the maintenance break.

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How to Fix PSN DNS Error NW-31250-1 ?

For fixing the NW-31250-1 code there are many ways. Here we’re talking some easy and best method for the fixing error NW-31250-1. If you can change the IP, with setting up manual IP or change DNS this error can be solved. The other best way is you might be waiting for the very good and high-speed internet connection.

Methods of fix NW-31250-1

1. Setting Up Manual IP Address and DNS

The error NW-31250-1 appears on the screen when the internet connection is not working properly or the internet speed is slow or the internet can’t able to synchronize with the PlayStation Server (PSN). To fixing this error you might change the DNS server in the PS4 to another trusted DNS server. And Google’s public DNS server is best for the changing public DNS server.

There is another option to change the DNS server through your ISP. Simply, you need to call them and ask them if they can help you for changing the DNS server with the ISP. The ISP also might give you better than Google’s DNS server.

For the changing manually DNS server you need to just follow the below steps:

  • Open the PS4 setting and go to Network
NW-31250-1 Network
NW-31250-1 Network
  • Select Set Up Internet Connection.
NW-31250-1-setup internet connection
NW-31250-1-setup internet connection
  • Now, there is two option when you click on Set Up Internet Connection. Here, you need to choose Use Wi-Fi or Use a LAN Cable. This means if you are connected the PS4 through Wi-Fi just choose Use Wi-Fi otherwise if your PS4 connected with LAN Cable you just choose the option Use a LAN Cable.

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NW-31250-1-setup internet connection Cable-WiFi
NW-31250-1-setup internet connection Cable-WiFi
  • Select Custom because you need to change PS4 DNS server to the Google’s Public DNS server or another DNS server if you have. But Google’s Public DNS server is the best and free. So, I suggest you use Google’s Public DNS server. Go here as written below, also you can follow the pictures Automatic >> Do Not Specify >> Manual
Choose Custom
In IP Address Setting choose Automatic.
In DHCP Host Name choose Do Not Specify.
Now, In DNS setting choose Manual.

Now, we’re going to finish fix the error NW-31250-1. In this field you need to type the proxy numbers. If you’re going to use Google’s Public DNS server, just type Google’s public DNS proxy number.

Your PS4 DNS Server is

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Just Change the PS4 DNS to Google’s Public DNS as below I typed.

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Changing dns proxy to google

After successfully type the DNS proxy number just click on Next, in MTU Settings choose Automatic and in Proxy Server option choose Do Not Use. (Automatic >> Do Not Use).

Finally, we’ve done successfully changed the DNS. Now, just click on Test Internet Connection.


Wait for a minute and after then just exit the setting, reboot your PS4 console. And check the error NW-31250-1 is solved or not. Just below comment down in your PS4 console this error solved or not. We hope this article help you.


The Last Method to Fix the Error NW-31250-1

If above method is not gonna helped you. You need to contact PlayStation official support center through Fix & Connect Tool. If this article help you please feel to free comment down and share your experience with us other error solving and helping other people.

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