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PS4 Error Code NW-31205-1 – Solved

PS4 Error NW-31205-1 Fixed – 2020

PS4 Error NW-31205-1 Fix

The error code NW-31205-1 occurs when your internet connection is poor. When you want to play a game on your PS4 online but your internet connection is weak, there might be coming the error code NW-31205-1. Today I’ll tell you how to fix the PS4 Error NW-31205-1 on your PS4. During this error code, you also face “Connection to Server Failed”. When your ISP providing you poor internet speed, there might also appear the error code on your screen during playing games on PS4.

In this article, I’m providing you how to fix the error NW-31205-1, with different methods. With these methods absolutely you’ll fix the error code which you’re facing during the playing games. But you must follow all the steps by step to fix the error code.

How to Fix the PS4 Error NW-31205-1?

Below I’m writing step by step all the possible and tested methods to fix the error code PS4 NW-31205-1. Just read carefully and follow all the instructions, if one method will not work for you, you must try the next method to fix the error. Also, you can check your it on PlayStation.

Method 1: Configure PS4 Network Settings

The error code NW-31205-1 might appear on your screen due to the problem with your network configuration. Also, you can fix this error to just test with your mobile data. If you think the problem is on your network configuration, you must try once with your mobile data, just open a mobile hotspot and connect with your PS4. Then try to fix the problem where is it. If the error code is fixed with mobile data you need to change your home network configuration as static, which includes your network IP address.

Before any changes on your network configuration first, check “View Connection Status” on your settings. Settings > Network > View Connection Status, then you need to copy your previous information on your settings such as IP Address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway. To avoid gettings problems with your PS4 you need to increase the digit after the third dot on your PS4.

  1. Go to Settings >> Network >> View Connection Status.
  2. Take note of the following: IP address, Subnet and Gateway

2. Change Network Settings

  • Go to Settings >> Network >> Set Up Internet Connection >> Use WiFi or LAN for cabled internet >> Custom.
  • Input the IP address, Subnet and Gateway. Replace the last three digits of the IP address from 100 to 254.
  • Change the DNS address using the address below or the DNS provided by your ISP.

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

  • Do no changes in the MTU setting and Proxy server.
  • Then, test your connection and then try to connect and game.

After doing the above method, did you check the error NW-31205-1 fixed or not? If still there appearing the same problem you need to restart your PS4. Now, turn your PS4 about 5-10 minutes because sometimes it need to refresh. Just you need to turns off both of your PS4 and your modem or router which you’re using. After 5-10 minutes your router or modem and PS4 connection is refreshed.

Now check if the PS4 Error NW-31205-1 is solved or not? If still there is the same error with your PS4, you need to try the next method to fix it.

Method 2: Check Internet Connection

PS4 Error NW-31205-1 also occurs when there is a problem with your ISP.

When the error code is still appearing with your PS4, you must try to test your internet connection if the internet is working or not. One thing is there is a problem with your ISP provider PS4 Error NW-31205-2 also appears on your screen. So, you need to check your internet connection. To test your internet connection follow the below steps:

  1. Sometimes, NW-31205-1 also appears due to your PS4 and router’s cache problem.
  2. There are so many users who are using Wi-Fi connection on their PS4, it means if you don’t have a strong Wi-Fi signal on your PS4 the error also appears. So, check if the Wi-Fi signal is weak try the ethernet cable.
  3. Check how much bandwidth is your ISP providing you? And if the bandwidth is exceeded the error code also appears. Check if there might someone who’s using more bandwidth of your network.
  4. If the error code occurs due to weak internet connection, contact your ISP provider to get better internet speed.

Common Questions Asked On PS4 Error NW-31205-1

1. How do I fix error NW 31205 1?
First, check your internet connection (internet speed) because the error code NW-31205-1 occurs when your internet connection is slow or your bandwidth is exceeded.

2. What does Nw in ps4 error NW-31205-1 refer to?
The error code NW-31205-1 refers to a network problem.

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