Jackie Chan Once Claimed Arnold Schwarzenegger Is “Nothing” & Said “Anyone Could Have Played His Part” In Terminator 2

Jackie Chan might be one of the most humble actors around but he also does not shy away from speaking his mind. The martial arts legend on several occasions has opined on Hollywood actors and movies. In one of his earlier interviews, Jackie trolled Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger saying anyone could have done his role in Terminator 2. Read on to know why Jackie said so.

Jackie Chan has made notable contributions to the entertainment industry with acting, directing and spreading martial arts to every corner of the world. Arnold Schwarzenegger too is a legend with his heavy-duty action movies raking in millions at the global box-office.

In an old interview, as per Fandom Wire, Jackie Chan took a dig at Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, “Even if I do a film with geniuses like George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, no way will I be famous in America.: Jackie continued, “Look at Jurassic Park. Few people know the names of the main actors; they remember the dinosaurs and that it was a Spielberg film. Take Terminator 2. The director’s good; the special effects are good; Schwarzenegger is nothing.” Jackie added, “Anyone could have played his part. Take First Blood. Stallone is good.”

Jackie Chan then claimed it was not the same case in Asia as people only want to watch him in his movies. “But in Asia, everyone comes to see Jackie Chan in a Jackie Chan film. It doesn’t matter what the title is or what the story is about. Only Jackie Chan can do it,” concluded the actor.

Jackie Chan in a different interview also spilled the beans on how he was rejected for Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. “I want to walk with dinosaurs. This kind of movie is one audience” adding, Spielberg turned down the idea. Jackie revealed, “He said No! What we like you in is Jackie Chan’s actions. That’s what we like.”

Jackie Chan and Spielberg could not collaborate in Jurassic Park, but they did end up working together in 2001 when Chan starred in the action comedy film The Tuxedo. While Spielberg did not helm the movie, he served as the project’s executive producer.

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