How to Update Samsung Smart TV

how to system update samsung smart tv

The firmware update brings new features and minimizes the rate of bugs and glitches on the Smart Tv. How to update Samsung Smart Tv to fix errors and glitches. Not matter what Tv you have but it should be updated with the latest version of the firmware.

So how to update Samsung Smart Tv? There are two ways you can easily update the Samsung Tizen OS. They are; Update over the internet and update via USB. In addition, I’ll be providing a complete step by step instructions regarding both methods.

In this article, the instructions to update the Samsung Tv firmware works on Tv models of 2013 and later. However, after the complete update, the audio and video settings will reset to default. You have to customize that later according to your need.

Note: Although the terms Software and firmware are slightly different, I may use both words in this guide. However, Samsung includes both words to indicate “Software Update”.

How to Update Samsung Smart TV


To update your Samsung TV, you have to ensure the TV is connected to the internet. There are a few things that are required to update respectively by which method you are performing the update. Otherwise, internet access is the most important thing to complete this task.

What you’ll need:

  • If you want to update your TV over the internet (recommended) then tv must be connected to the internet.
  • If you update via USB, you’ll need a computer with having an internet connection and a USB drive with enough space to store firmware.

Enable Automatic Update

Before you head to update your TV, set the automatic update on the TV. For instance, when Tv has updated it automatically gets installed. The benefits of enabling auto-update are it reminds you to install the recent update as well as avoids the bugs and glitches before you start watching tv.

Set automatic update to install the update before watching tv. Ensure your TV is connected to the internet and then follow the instructions:

1. Go to Settings, and then select Support.

how to update your samsung smart tv

2. Select Software Update, and then enter on Auto Update.

how to update smart hub on samsung tv

3. Now, turn on and save the setting.

Afterward, your tv will update by itself when there is an update available. The update will begin and install in the background while you are watching the Tv. However, tv will initialize next time when turned on.

Method 1: Update Over the Internet

If you want to update the firmware whenever the update is available. You can update the Samsung Tv manually but make sure tv is connected to the internet. This method is also useful for checking update availability. To do so:

1. Navigate to Settings, and select Support.
2. Select Software Update, and then select Update Now.
3. If there is an update then follow the instructions on the screen and then install the update.

However, turn on the automatic update for future updates. If there is no update then select Ok to exit settings. To use the tv like normally.

Note: Most of the Samsung TV gets a new feature update within two years. The update may still come but to fix general bugs.

Method 2: Update Via USB

If your Tv has no internet connection or there is a bug that is preventing the internet from working. You can choose to update via USB drive. However, to do so you’ll require the TV model.

1. Go to Samsung Online Support Site.
2. Select Support and then Manual & Software.
3. Enter the Model number and Select the correct one.
4. Select MANUALS AND DOWNLOADS and then Click on Download

how to update Samsung tv firmware

5. Choose latest version and the download will be begin.

Once the File is downloaded on your computer, you have to flash the firmware on the USB drive. However, choose your device mac or windows to flash the firmware.

Flash USB Drive on Windows

Insert the USB drive on your computer. Make sure USB drive has more than 8 GB storage.

1. Go to the download folder and then locate the firmware file.
2. Right-click on the file and then select Extract All…
3. Follow through the instructions on the screen and then complete extraction.
4. Go to the extracted directory and then copy the firmware file on the root directory of the USB drive.

Flash USB Drive on MacOSX

If you are MacOSX user, make sure to follow these instructions to make USB bootable. Insert USB drive on your computer.

1. Click on Go then Downloads.
2. Click twice on the zipped file that downloaded recently to extract it.
3. The extracted file will be extracted on the same directory.
4. Copy the firmware file and then go to the USB drive.
5. Paste the file on USB drives root directory.

Install Update via USB Drive

Once the USB is flashed, here how to install the update on the TV: Turn on the TV and then insert the flashed USB drive.

Now on your TV,

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote.
  2. Select Support and then select Software Upgrade.
How to install samsung tv update

3. Select by USB and then press Enter.

Once the update is finished, Tv restarts automatically. After that you an remove the USB drive from the TV.

Note: If you are having trouble while updating your TV via USB. Make sure you have downloaded the correct firmware file and the file is saved on the root directory of the USB drive. Most of the TV won’t be downgraded these days. So installing an old version is worthless.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you might have known how to update Samsung Smart TV. Let us remind you which method you preferred to install the update. I hope there won’t be trouble while setup and update. There are few commonly asked questions by the users. I hope you may find your answer. If not I will include your requested question.

FAQ on How to Update Samsung Smart TV

1. Can’t do software update on Samsung Smart TV?

Ans: Make sure there is an update available at the moment. If there is an update available then close all the apps running in the background and then start updating.

2. Does system update resets saved apps and linked accounts?

Ans: System update only resets audio and video settings on Samsung TV. Other things remain the same.


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