How to Factory Reset Samsung Tv

How to Factory Reset Samsung TV

Do you want to remove everything from your Samsung Smart TV? To delete everything from the Smart Tv needs to factory reset. Factory resets remove users from the TV in bulk. So how to factory reset Samsung TV?

Factory resetting brings all the settings to default. Mostly factory reset is done in order to fix the bugs and glitches. However, you can reset when giving away the tv.

Today, I’m going to instruct you on how to factory reset Samsung Tv. In addition, I will provide some more details to keep TV away from errors. I have already provided some major issues solution. You can read them to fix Samsung TV-related errors:

Note: Although there are a lot of Samsung TVs, I have provided resetting instructions for both older and newest versions of smart Tv. However, you can apply these instructions on all the Samsung Smart TVs from older to the latest.

How to Factory Reset Samsung TV

If you want to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Tv but keep in mind resetting removes all the user data. That includes, saved WIFI password, linked apps, and accounts, recordings, custom settings. But you can again reconnect WIFI, reinstall apps, and link accounts.

However, If your tv is synced with a Samsung account, linked apps, accounts, and saved WIFI network stores online. Make sure you synced TV with your account to keep your user data backup. On the other hand, you can store the backup on a USB drive. Copy the recording on the USB.

There are some reasons to factory reset your TV. Here are some of the common reason why should you factory reset your TV:

  • Fixing/Debugging: If you are facing the issue, the last and best way to solve the error is the factory reset.
  • Default Setting in bulk: If your tv has incorrect settings, resetting all the setting to default solve the problem.
  • Minimization of Lags: When the tv is laggy and does not support features, better to factory reset it.
  • Avoid Network errors: Wrong DNS information and wrong network configuration can easily be solved by factory resetting.
  • Black screen error: Most of the significant users have reported, black screen error fix after reset.

These are factors you should consider to reset your TV. For instance, resetting is very helpful when TV is malfunctioning. So here how to reset Samsung TV.

Method 1: Factory Reset Samsung Smart TV (New Models)

If your smart Tv is the latest, use this method to perform a factory reset. This is method works for almost all the newest models of the Samsung Tv. Samsung smart TVs models from 2014 to present apply this method to reset the TV. To do so:

1. Turn on the Tv and then press the Menu button on the remote.
2. Go to Settings and then Support.
3. Choose Self Diagnosis and then Reset.

factory reset Samsung Tv

5. Enter Security pin, The default security pin is
6. Choose Yes to confirm reset.
7. Follow the screen instructions steps to complete the factory reset.

Note: Do not turn off the TV during this process. The TV may turn off and on by itself to display the setup screen.

Once the reset completes, Tv will turn on automatically. Afterward, you have to complete the Tv setup. To use Tv.

Method 2: Reset Older Smart TV

If you have older model Tv, so what to do? Luckily, this method works for all smart TV from 2013. Ensure your TV remote is properly working. For instance, you have to long-press some keys during this process. Follow the instructions as illustrated below:

1. Turn on your Smart Tv.
2. Long press and hold Exit Key on the remote (Approx. 12 seconds).

how to factory reset samsung tv without pin

3. Release your finger once the Factory reset setup appears.
4. Select Ok to reset your tv.

how to reset samsung smart tv to factory settings

5. Follow through the on screen guide.

Once the Tv finishes resetting, turn on the TV. After that, complete the setup to use the TV. The setup process is the same as when you just purchased a TV.

Method 3: Reset Samsung Tv Using Service Menu

This method works for every model of Samsung TV no matter Tv is old or new. A factory reset is available on the service menu of the Samsung Smart Tv. Most of the significant number of users use this method when the error is increased. When your Tv is laggy, it gets difficult to navigate through the settings. However, issues like this are solved under this method.

1. Put the Tv in Standby Mode: Use the remote to Turn Off the TV.
2. Now press and hold, Mute, 1, 8, 2, the Power button on the remote.
3. Wait for few seconds. The service menu takes few seconds to appear.
4. Select Factory Reset, then Enter.

Samsung Tv reset

5. Follow through the instructions on the screen.
6. Turn on the TV back.

Once the Tv finishes reset, you should complete the starting setup. Now the settings are factory default. However, you can restore your linked applications, WIFI network, and custom setting after login Samsung accounts.

Final Thoughts

I hope you learned how to factory reset Samsung TV. For instance, if you get in trouble while performing contact us or comment on your problem. However, I’ll try to get rid of trouble. Moreover, here are some widely asked questions on the internet.

FAQ on How to Factory Reset Samsung TV

1. What do when network removed from a TV after reset?

Ans: Go to the Network settings and then set it to Auto. Now, the TV will detect nearby networks.

2. How to turn on Samsung Tv without remote?

Ans: Press the start button on the TV located on the front and backside of the Tv depending on your Tv model.

3. Does black screen issue fix after resetting?

Ans: Yes the Black screen issue fixes after resetting since the issue is caused by incompatible visual settings on the TV.

4. Do I have to update my TV firmware after reset?

Ans: The security policy restricts the downgrade in the latest OS. However, some old model tv may get reset to the first version of the firmware. It is rare these days since every TV usually gets a firmware update. So the downgrading system gets blocked.


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