How to Change NAT Type on PS4

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How To Change NAT Type PS4

Today in this post you know about how to change NAT type PS4, PS4 is the best gaming console developed by SonyI’m playing a game on my PS4 but in the middle of the game, my connection is lost. I lose my life, I think my internet connection is lost or broke down. But there is another error on the PS4 of NAT type error. This is the first time I faced the NAT type error on my PS4.

After then I research about NAT type error of PS4, how to change NAT type on PS4?, how to fix NAT type error on PS4? etc. and I’m going to sharing the solution with you. Read carefully till the end of this article and I know you’ll solve the NAT type error on your PS4.


We’re working on the PS4 error fixing. We always trying to solve all the error of PS4. Because we’re also gaming lovers and a user of PS4. But sometimes the error frustrated us. We researched everywhere and finally able to write this post to solve the error Nat type PS4. Let’s start to solve the error of the PS4 nat type error.

What is NAT Type on PS4?

The full form of NAT is Network Address Translation. This means the NAT translates the IP addresses to all your devices’ home into the public. Network Address Translation is necessary because it saves a lot of numbers of the IP addresses. When you’re playing the game and there you’re enjoying with your game partners (friends) doing chatting and there shows a message NAT type failed or error.

Usually, NAT type error shows when you’re playing multiplayer games and suddenly you’re disconnected from the game. Sometimes your ping is so high after then your connection will disconnect. In that time you want to fix the problem but you see nat type error, nat type failed. Then you think What is NAT type error? How to fix NAT type error on PS4? What is NAT type 3 error? There are 3 types of NAT type:

NAT Type 1 Open

This is the open type of NAT. This means it’s fully opened and your connection is insecure. Your gaming latency is high because you’re directly connected to the internet. There are fewer chances to disconnect from the internet. The internet speed is high. You’re The PS4 user can connect all NAT type users to play the games. NAT Type 1 is much better for internet connection but not for security because there are open all the 4 ports.

NAT Type 2 Moderate

In NAT Type 2 the PS4 connects to the internet through the router. The internet speed is slow but the user can connect most of the nat type users. There will be a high lag/ glitch and slower internet connection with your PS4. NAT type 2 is better for downloads games and online playing games on PS4.

NAT Type 3 Strict

NAT type 3 is strict and much secure but there are more chances to disconnection from the game. In this type of NAT, your ps4 also connected with the router. The ps4 users can connect to the open nat type. One another thing is not good on this type of nat is some online functions are not working.

We recommend you that if you’re using NAT type 3 change it into NAT type 2 because in nat type 3 your internet speed is much slower on your ps4. If you’re playing multiplayer battle games on your PS4 you must change your NAT type 2 on your PS4.

Advantage of NAT

  • Transparent to the client
  • Consumes fewer computer resources
  • NAT hides internal IP address
  • NAT saves all the public IP addresses

Disadvantage of NAT

  • If you’re using NAT, NAT will provide you minimum logging service.
  • There will become some difficulties to run some applications on the PS4.
  • You must know how to enable IP forwarding otherwise you cannot make an internet connection with NAT.

If you don’t know how to change nat type ps4 follow the below steps to successfully change the NAT type on PS4. Don’t skip any step if you do this you cannot able to change the NAT type on your PS4. Let’s start

How to Check NAT type on PS4?

First, you need to check the NAT type on your PS4. Because if you don’t know which nat type is enabled on your PS4 currently you cannot change it. So, first, you must know to check the NAT type on the PS4.

  • Go to Setting
  • Then choose Network
Check NAT Type on PS4 - Settings
Check NAT Type on PS4 – Settings
  • Click on the View connection status
  • After that, you’ll see the network status of your PS4
How To Check NAT Type on PS4
How To Check NAT Type on PS4

How to Change NAT Type PS4

If you want to change NAT type on your PS4 you need a computer to change NAT type on the PS4. Because you cannot change NAT type from your PS4 you need to access the router you use and manually change it from the router.

These settings can be different because there are many types of the router and every user use the different type and models router. Let’s start the process, follow these steps to change NAT on your PS4:

  1. Open a browser that you use and type the default gateway to access the router you use. Mostly the default gateway is or If you don’t know your default gateway you can check the default gateway. To check default gateway Windows key+R type cmd and press Enter. Then type ipconfig then press enter.

2. Type the Username and Password then hit enter. If you don’t know what is username and password of that router, you can check it on the cover box or a copy that came with the router. Mostly default username and password is Admin and Admin, admin and admin, admin and password

3. After you log in the router, open settings, enable UPnP. This can be changed on the other router. If you didn’t find it in the settings you need to check all the options on the router until you find.

4. You can change the PS4 NAT Type to put it to the DMZ ( Demilitarized Zone ), which can be a difficult and some critically dangerous method. DMZ is a subnetwork that lies between the insecure Internet and your trusted home network. If you’ll use this your device can be better communication with the other devices but it is insecure. You’ll gonna be hacked or vulnerable to attacks from the Internet. If you’re going to use this method you need to think twice before this is right or wrong for you and your data.

Find DMZ and enter the IP address of your PS4 you’ve just written down into the DMZ setting. Then click on save and apply your changes and wait for some seconds.

After doing this check your NAT Type status is changed and also check your internet connection is smooth now.

5. Another method is to Port Forwarding. Find there Forward Posts. It also called Port Forwarding, Virtual Servers, Applications. If you didn’t find the Port Forwarding option there you can use the manual.

Open your router settings and find Port forwarding and add custom forward ports. After then you need to open up the following ports in both directions TCP & UDP:

  • 80
  • 443
  • 465
  • 983
  • 3478-3480
  • 3658
  • 5223
  • 6000-7000
  • 9293
  • 10070-10080

After change that waits some seconds and check your PS4 Nat type and now it should show NAT type 2.

Common Questions Asked On How to Change NAT Type On PS4

How to change nat type on ps4?

There are no other methods to change NAT type on PS4, you need to follow all the above steps.

How do I change my NAT type to open?

Enable DMZ from the router’s settings which you use.

Is there a way to change NAT type on ps4?

You need to access your router to change NAT type on your PS4.

What does NAT Type 2 mean on ps4?

NAT Type 2 means Moderate on PS4.

What is NAT Type 3?

NAT Type 3 is strict and secure.

How do you check your NAT type?

Settings > Network > View Connection Status

What is NAT type strict?

NAT Type strict means NAT Type 3 and it’s much secure but the internet speed will be slower than the previous time.

What is NAT Type 3 on ps4?

There is 3 type of NAT Type on PS4 Sony. NAT Type 1, NAT Type 2, and NAT Type 3.

Does NAT type matter on ps4?

Yes, it’s important on PS4.

What NAT type should I have for ps4?

NAT Type 2 is much better and secure for your PS4.

Is the DMZ safe?

Normally, DMZ is not safe, if you’re thinking to enable DMZ to be sure all data is safe.

Does ps4 support UPNP?

Yes, of course.

Should I put my ps4 in DMZ?

In my opinion, don’t enable DMZ.

How do I open ports on my router for ps4?

Follow the above instruction to open ports on your router.

Why can’t I hear my friend in ps4 party?

There was a problem with your NAT Type, NAT Type failed.

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