DNS Servers for PS4

Super Fast DNS Servers for PS4 – 100% Working

DNS Servers for PS4
DNS Servers for PS4

Super Fast DNS Servers for PS4

Eventually these days no one wants playing games hidden but everyone wants to play online. Here you’ll find Super Fast DNS Servers for PS4. In the PS4 games, you need the fastest internet connection for playing games otherwise you’ll die soon on the game. When DNS Servers for PS4 are changed with a better DNS server you get better gaming experience.

But don’t worry even if your internet connection is slow you can increase your PS4 Internet Speed. Just you can change your DNS server. Sometimes we are angry with our ISP or DNS provider. Exactly this is the weakness of the ISP’s because if they are provided a good internet connection no one faces this problem.

But there are many alternatives to this problem. Just you need to follow my steps and you’ll gonna rock with your PS4.

The ISP automatically assigns the DNS server when your router or smartphone connects to the internet. But when you use the same DNS server which is provided you your ISP you may face this problem. Your download speed gonna be down day by day. You must use an alternative DNS server if you face this problem.

There are many free public DNS servers you can use them free but properly. If you don’t use them properly your problem gonna be increased than decrease. If you have a better internet connection then you can get a more smooth gaming experience. So, today I’ll tell you how to change DNS Servers for PS4.

What is a DNS Server?

DNS Server
DNS Server

Before you manage the DNS server you must know what is DNS server?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a server which contains the collection of all IP address with their hostnames is called Domain Name System. The Domain Name System is a translator which helps to translate web addresses to their IP addresses. When the DNS server translates the IP address to the website then only humans are can read. Normally, DNS helps to establish a connection between human-readable address and computer-readable address behind the network scene.

How DNS Server Works?

How DNS Server Works
How DNS Server Works

The DNS server is working in the background in the network. If the DNS server doesn’t change the IP address to the human-readable address you people can’t able to read the exact knowledge. For example, if you type https://ps6dns.com it redirects to their IP address like

Top Fastest DNS Servers for PS4

ProviderPrimary DNS ServerSecondary DNS Server
German Privacy Foundation e.V.
DNS Advantage156.154.70.1156.154.71.1
Comodo Secure DNS8.
OpenDNS Home208.067.220.220208.67.222.222
Hurricane Electric
JSC Marketing
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
FoeBuD e.V.
Christoph Hochstätter209.59.210.167USA
Norton ConnectSafe199.85.126.10199.85.127.10
CenturyLink (Level3)
Fourth Estate45.77.165.194

Why Use DNS Servers?

Google Public DNS
Google Public DNS

There are many reasons to use DNS Servers for PS4 and they give you better gaming experience. Here we describe some reasons why we use DNS Servers?

  • Enhanced Security: Many internet users never know what is DNS Servers. And they’re sometimes used bad DNS and get hacked. If you use bad DNS servers you can get hacked easily. Your Computer gonna be full of viruses, your online credits card details, bank details, etc. going to be stolen. You gonna be hacked by phishing. So, if you want to use a DNS server first know all about the DNS server then try to use a different DNS server. If you use a good DNS server your details are safe, you are safe, your computer is cleaned.
  • Increase Internet Speed: Sometimes our location is very far from the ISP assigned the DNS servers for us. In that situation, if you change your DNS servers you can get more download speed and feel better PS4 gaming experience.
  • Unblock Some Websites: In every country, every ISP has their own policy. And the ISP must block some websites for their Government policy violation. Most of the Government blocked the Torrent’s site. In some countries blocked Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, etc. but if you want to get access at that site you must change your DNS server. When you change your DNS server your IP gonna be unlocked then you can access them easily.

I’m usually using Google Public DNS because it’s the best and free for all. The primary DNS Server is and Secondary DNS Server is

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